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    MeltingCORE's Dream Pyramid / Emily's Horizon

    MeltingCORE's Dream Pyramid / Emily's Horizon

    by , 10-06-2022 at 01:48 AM (136 Views)
    Dream Eight (10.5.2022)

    Björk was hosting some kind of three day weekend rave for her new album ("Fossora") at her house. Everything looked blue and psychedelic (like the album art). I asked my best friends if they were coming and but only my fiancé was able to come. Then there was a scene of me facing off against a random lady in front of Björk on who could drink more straight tequila. A brief, trippy subatomic scene (like from "Ant-Man") played after I drank. I woke up. (I could see almost Björk and also Grimes doing something like this - crazy rave at their house - because they've both DJed extensively before. You know it'd be a crazy party but I feel they would actually care about their guests. And not just because I'm fans of both. I just feel like they're genuine creators. Legit only the only wild party I'd ever attend if it was real. I know they'd have the best DJ material! This dream felt so warm and fun. Also, love the new album! Was able to get it on release day and was so excited to see it in stores immediately.)

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    1. neptune's Avatar
      fossora is great, very experimental, avant-garde & yes, psychedelic. looks like she has been doing mushrooms, with song titles like "fungal city" & "mycelia".
    2. Mayatara's Avatar
      I had my share of dreams with Björk and would love to attend that party But I no longer enjoy her current style of music, after some 20 years being a crazy fan with all her records, singles, bootlegs...
    3. MeltingCORE's Avatar
      @neptune I read a fascinating interview where she talked about her obsession with mushrooms developing because of the pandemic! (It's the one with Pitchfork - if you have time.)

      @Mayatara I'd love to see you there. Imagine the "Big Time Sensuality" remixes at a rave! And that's okay - everyone has different tastes. I really love her older work like "Vespertine". But I'm also interested in strange, "off-kilter" music so her newer work is still to my liking.