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    Bleak House...

    by , 10-12-2015 at 12:00 PM (281 Views)
    My recall is coming back...Yay!!
    But all the landsapes in my dreams were so bleak Oo...
    D1 - fragment - Trying to find a parking space outside a giant monolithic shopping centre...so grey...yuck...

    D2 - In a dark gloomy pub, concealed lightning...hmm wouldn't notice if you spilled your pint in here...
    There are few customers and it looks like despite new management the place will go under...usual.
    Then I have inspired idea of changing the music in the pub and for every grumpy old man sitting nursing his pint, a lady (partner)
    arrives in brightly dressed clothes to sit beside them. And the whole place cheers up. YeeHaaa.

    D3 - We are looking down into a street from a side window. We can clearly see neighbours carrying bags up and down steps. They are chatting. My partner tells me they have bags and bags of xmas shopping. I say no its fire wood which I can clearly see sticking out of their bags. Big branches with knobbly bits.
    I go downstairs and across the street. Outside another house an old disheveled man comes up to me. He has some groceries.
    I ask what he is doing he says he has come up to London to do some shopping. He looks suspicious and not to clean.
    I try to get rid of him but he eventually follows me into the apartment block.
    There is a grey courtyard below with doors leading off. Its is cold.
    I feel fearful of him, that hes going to do something. My partner is still somewhere else.
    Now hes in my apartment! What is it with this guy!?
    Now were upstairs, there is a house on the roof. Grey with just wet plaster walls, no paint.
    He is talking about how it would be good to live there. I try quietly to tell him about crazy OCD neighbour and how it would be impossible.
    He uses my bathroom and then while his back is turned, suddenly his son is there also. I don't know what to do and in the end.
    Karate chop them both on the shoulders to dispose of them :/ oopsy.

    - 1) After dream I realise the people were similar to father and son in "the road" film
    - 2) realise that I had totally rejected my dream characters...well if I could get lucid id make em a room of their own, whatever.
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    1. Milly's Avatar
      Bleak landscape happen to me to from time to time, I have no idea what cause the dreamworld to be colorful or not.