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    Completely Mental Barriers

    by , 10-30-2015 at 10:22 AM (271 Views)
    D1 - spent about an hour trying to recall this one using all methods, in end came back to me at end of D2
    - walking round streets, nothing unusual. Unable to find way , dissorientated , all streets look unknown to me, alien. Street after street. Eventually get to open space above town. There is a plaza infront of a cathederal. I evidently lose it a bit as I use powers to grow to gigantic proportions. I can see my towering shadow and terrified look of people around. I lose it somemore and there is rubble everywhere, looks like sandstone, yellowish rubble. I am persued by townsfolk and escape to underground tunnel. There a nice lady, clearly spiritual as she has long wavy hair, bangles etc and a sweet smile. possibly elvish but dont quote me on that. She connects my arm to a magical machine with loads of tendril like trailing wires and some machinery. My wounds are healed.
    D2 - I am travelling on bus/coach. Troublesome girls put some embarressing literature into my hands. It is white with each page having a different coloured flouresent ink ,pink etc. I grab it not wanting my daughter, who is little to see it. We proceed along the aisle as the bus is stopping. We move down to a lower section and I deposite the material on a seat and rush down to the exit. And wait and wait through those intermiably embarressing moments as the big white door doesnt open.
    Finally it opens and I dash off and under an underpass but am persued by an irrate mum and her small son! She accuses me but I deny it, totally red faced looking other way.
    D3 - (Cant recall beginning)
    Guy with blond hair is fighting shadow men. They are made of black dust. He uses a metal spike or short spear and some cool moves to dispatch them. They break into disapearing clouds of dust, quite satisfyingly. He is tired. I warn him that one is still there in his dark room of ground floor flat. Very long room with central seating area and bedrooms off too one end on a lower level. I tell him he will need a better weapon. I go to use a portal for another dimension, handy. unfortunately one of the three strangely garbed people at the portal is a fake, shape shifter. We kill him but he just transforms into another body, and other...this could go on for a while as there are hundreds of gold rectangular pouches on the ground each containing a different person/soul for him to use.
    D4 - i play a strange game involving smashing and combining, not sure, crystals. I am in a large cavernous room, very dark, with a giant pool table. I seem to be either tiny or zoomed in on action with zillions of many coloured crystals on table.
    I notice P and S are in kitchen as light is on dimmly. I go to use fridge to find it covered in tons of washing, even door has washing jammed in it. Light from fridge is bright.
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    1. Milly's Avatar
      That recall technique you have seem to work wonder, care to share?
      I sort of like the idea of the shapesifter keeping soul/body to use into gold pouch, I would love to read about that in a novel, it's pretty neat!
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    2. Sensei's Avatar
      More shadows in your dreams? (shadow men) lol.

      Sometimes dreams are harder to recall then others, even if the dream was vivid and aware at the time. It is quite confusing. congrats on getting that dream out!
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