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    by , 10-11-2015 at 10:17 AM (227 Views)
    lots of fragments
    D1 at seaside on holiday shortly before returning home (dream sign)
    went for a last minute swim but didnt have any cosy...put clothes near a rock to collect after and went in fairly naked i guess
    D2 in a classroom showing some codes for something on interactive whiteboard , all fine. then next time couldnt get it to work...awkward silence as i wage war with the technology but still doesnt work.
    D3 trying to find old computer hardware, console for my brother so he can play some game.
    D4 several 5 i think codes hidden in different places...one is in a mine of some kind ..there is rubble strewn everywhere but entrance cannnot be seen as on hillside...grassy.
    D5 codes look like chinese graphology but made out of arrowroot herb. carved from or look like some vegetable.

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