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    Disturbed Sleep zzzZz

    by , 11-01-2015 at 11:11 AM (633 Views)
    D1 - Different people are practising dream incubation, involving visualising large vivid colourful png. I can recognise frames are from anime I know. The faster people can do it the higher the score. Background images are also switched in for bonus scores.
    The soundtrack from the opening of Noragami Aregato was playing throughout dream, I have never recalled/noticed sounds before in my dreams.
    (I did actually think about doing exactly this in the day, didn't intend for it to become a dream)

    - Insomnia, there followed me worrying about things for approx 3 hours :/

    D2 - We were trying to escape a large mangy black dog. On a grassy bank, the dog was standing baring its teeth. Someone unknown, sent a big white sheep past at high speed followed by a long heavy wooden plank, tied to the sheep by a length of rope.
    This had the desired effect as the dog looked on in disbelief and while it was still in shock we made our escape. The person who sent the sheep got in trouble when it was later found in a broom cupboard , they lost some of their score and had to do 48000 hours community service.

    D3 - On holiday in England. P is little and holds my hand, we go to visit a church. We are visiting famous churches with high towers on a tourist route ( as you do :p).
    The churches all have hollow towers. The height in feet is shown as 38 for first tower.
    When I step into the tower a float up to the top, then down again upside down. I do this a few times calculating the height of the tower. I dont really like the feeling of disorientation and leave the church. Outside P want to go to a nearby alternative attraction, probably toy shop or amusements. An Uncle is with my parents, he has a serious moustach and tries to get us to come back into the church with them. Despite his continual attempts we leave.

    - laying in bed completely still, I am trying to recall D3. I notice the a feeling and instinctively think it is my wrist, which I hurt. But it is not, it is the sensation or feeling that my arms are either slightly longer than they really are or in a slightly different position. In my minds eye I can make out an x-ray blue and white outline of my bones, as I try to wiggle my fingers slightly. I do this several times, it feels as if my thumb is not really moving but I have sensation of it and in my minds eye it is moving, also my other arm is moving slightly and fingers. But mainly one thumb which I concentrate on. Most weird. Then I can sense things as normal again in the room, without opening my eyes still. All is normal again.
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    1. Patience108's Avatar
      Sounds like you were still in dream land there at the end - cool!
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    2. MeohMyoh's Avatar
      Yes pretty weird at end there. It didnt feel like normal FA. I think I must have drifted back into some kind of non waking state idk which, maybe because I stayed still after trying to recalll and was so sleepy..though I felt very alert and it was all very real and incredibly lucid...
    3. Milly's Avatar
      Feeling like your body is distorded/moving is a pretty frequent near-sleep phenomena, like hypnalogic imagery, but with your body ^^ when we were both little and sharing a room, my sister used to wake me up, telling me her arms were longer that her body and that I should check them!
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    4. MeohMyoh's Avatar
      Are ok that makes sense (no pun intended) but what about the visuals that went with the sensations, they were as crisp as an actual x-ray but moving as I felt I moved...hmm I guess I just haven't experienced it before...Thanks for feedback