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    Dreams - Better dream recall

    by , 09-06-2015 at 12:15 PM (228 Views)
    D1 - Driving (non-peacful)
    Trying to get a parking space, doing a lot of driving around trying to find somewhere to park.

    D2 - Shops (non-peaceful/powerless)
    Trying to do shopping but people at shops wouldn't let me get my shopping out
    Firstly they were telling me I had to go around and cue up again.
    Then as a plan B to stop me the shopping assistants changed the conveyor belts around (like a toy race track) so that my shopping was going round and round but never getting to the till to pay.
    I got fed up and left/ woke up.

    D3 - Factory (non-peaceful)
    I was trying to sabotage a government plan by getting into some factory or other.
    I was doing it under a false name. Arrived at factory with metal door (looked a bit like lego construction). I used some kind of robotic arm to open door. (reminds me of James bond "Die another day" set). Lots of tropical plants (big ferns) inside greenhouse type factory.
    Unable to escape due to snipers continually having me under their watchful eye.

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    1. MeohMyoh's Avatar
      I had thoughts of when I was a kid and was tied up by a gang of kids (powerless) and not so pleasant. And was then blamed by my parents for what had happened or so I felt.