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    Espionage - dream chain

    by , 09-21-2015 at 06:45 PM (297 Views)
    Had dream in 3 parts, kept falling back into same dream

    Part 1 -
    My brother was rewiring at a college, some structure outside their building. Was like a electronic stonehenge: grey monoliths in a circlular formation. He unistalled middle one, something to do with LED wiring
    Due to signal down was able to set off in microlight helicopter thingy at angle to the horizon and spotted something.

    Part 2 -
    Shrunk down to size of an ant. Followed trail under a grey water reservoir thing, followed by loads of tiny orangey brown blobs.
    Chased through concrete exit, escaped.

    Part 3 -
    Italy. Plane drop over church battlements. Landed on only one that did not have Vatican connections. Recovered large amount of money left there on holy day. Exchanged 50 thousand for other currency. Mission completed returned home from Italy by plane.

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    1. MeohMyoh's Avatar
      Ah I remember Part 1 there was also a cat (of course) with kind of microchips all over it. More like mosaic tiles.
    2. Smudgefish's Avatar
      I wish I had dreams as exciting as yours!