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    Festival frolics and cheese

    by , 11-05-2015 at 07:33 PM (589 Views)
    Dl1 - Driving past a long university building on a dark and dreary day. I need to get to the office the other side to collect some planks of wood and a gigantic semi-circle of blue cheese (you know how it is when ya get the muchies).
    Dl2 - At a wooden table with a friend. Talking to someone looking into their eyes, they are looking intently at me (ds). They have long brown hair and blue eyes with long-ish lashes, little make-up, they are smiling. I lean forward and we kiss, it is warm and pleasurable. We repeat the process, many times. I smile and we are both happy. Their eyes sparkle. The other person at the table tells them I have a partner and I inwardly freeze. I leave.
    - It is a festival and the sun is out. People are gathered milling about in a large area in front of a manor house, a company owned building. Mr B is there and I have to fix something. I go over to the steps near the main doors and fiddle with something near the door bell.
    Mr Tyler now apparently wants me and I head off round the side of the building to a larger modern warehouse behind the main structure.
    I enter and find my cheese behind a section of wall to ceiling shelving. Adults are sat at banks of computers, they eye me suspiciously. It is a strange feeling being treated like I am not staff. I ignore them and move on. I am told that if I find someone kind and ask nicely they will cut my planks for me. I head along the main aisle to the DT department at the back. They're are people in white coats and protective glasses., they're are lots of lathes and other machinery. Someone cuts my planks into small squarish sections. I am told they may use the circular saw to cut my large cheese, I ponder thinking it will make a mess of the machinery.

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    1. Milly's Avatar
      First of all, mmmh, blue cheese. *vacant stare, drooling*
      ahem. Yeah, I wouldn't use a circular saw to cut blue cheese. A pressed cheese maybe, or a very old cheedar, if I had to!
      unless thoses cutted up planks were there to put the cheese between than cut it. But sawdust. And it would still make a mess. Oh well :p
      MeohMyoh likes this.
    2. MeohMyoh's Avatar
      Yeah I love blue cheese I kept feeling the planks were to make a sandwich
    3. Milly's Avatar
      A plankdwich, if you will. *rimshot* thank you, thank you, I'm here all night!