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    got the blues...dragon tattoos

    by , 10-17-2015 at 12:37 PM (239 Views)
    didn't get much sleep...partner rolled in drunk...and kept me awake way to long :/ and I had the weirdest dreams.
    D1 - dreamt I had a butt tattooed on my butt...wtf...talk about pointless tattoos...it was quite a nice butt but still :!? just weird
    D2 - had been dreaming about colour green now its colours blue. Was a beautiful blue dragon like the one off a soy sauce bottle maybe, chinese but way bigger and more sparkly.
    I dreamt I could dream share and OpheliaBlue (probably why blue dragon) was in my dream, or rather I was in hers. I asked her what we should do as I couldn't use any control as it was her dream. But then I could use my tail as I had a giant cat tail to transport her all the way up to the moon. When she got there she pulled me up by my tail (not yank, just gave a lil tug). Then there was a blue dragon that I conjured up and we went somewhere, a forest near a lake to try and find some spirit animals...don't remember anymore...

    [my head hurts...and the rest... I wanna go sleep now zzZZZ...my daught is asking me exam questions :/ and bringing her mates round...halp]
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    1. Milly's Avatar
      Well, when you have a weird dream you're not pulling punchs XD