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    inner child

    by , 10-24-2015 at 02:36 PM (265 Views)
    Had long dream where I was trying to kill a child...my motivation was fear...
    The was a child smiling I though out of devilment initally.
    I was trying to kill them by bludgeoning them with a chair. I was careful to cover the area with plastic bags to avoid blood going everywhere . the child continued to smile. i killed them. afterwards i realised they were smiling because they loved me and didnt mind how much pain i caused them.
    i resurected a child...they were not quite the same but i tryed.

    i believe i have been hurting myself with my own negative thoughts and lack of self love. but my subconscious still loves me.
    i will try to be more aware of my emotions.
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    1. Milly's Avatar
      It's interesting how you managed to etablish this communication with your subconscious
    2. MeohMyoh's Avatar
      I think its just on my mind, so it shows up in my dreams...idk
    3. Milly's Avatar
      It's still a good way to work on that kind of thing, I think. Maybe I'm just envious on how easy it is for you to understand what your subconscious is trying to say XD
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    4. MeohMyoh's Avatar
      One thing to understand intellectually other thing altogether to implement...but maybe my subconscious will keep me on task
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    5. Patience108's Avatar
      Dreams are such amazing teachers hay!
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