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    It's not all black and white

    by , 10-22-2015 at 07:43 PM (315 Views)
    D1 - My car was in the garage for some repairs. When I went in to pick it up I find it (a white car) has been damaged while its been there. The side of the car is raked with scratches, like its been in collision with half the occupants of Jurassic park.
    I am not best pleased and just want to get my car out of that garage. The guy on the desk tries to make out there is a problem with the paperwork and he can't release my car. I have no photo id relevant. In the end he accepted my original receipt.

    D2 - Playing with children in my parents garden. The grass and garden are idylic. I am then a small child again and go with some of the children to a swimming pool. I am carrying lots of Styrofoam cups of warm water with me. I place this precariously on a concrete plinth at the pool. The pool is weird a horrible deep concrete basin with a large plasma tv at our end, like a screen for scores.

    I have figured out one facet of my current few dreams. White is used often for indoor scenes with artificial light
    and outside is often dark and/or rainy.

    Outside in my dreams seems to symbolise "waking state" dark and ominous , full of rain clouds with deep portent xD (my troubled waking life)
    I think its pointing to the fact that my awareness in the waking state is very low intensity
    and as a result
    my dream state "white with artificial light" is very low intensity also.

    Hence my subconscious is telling me to up my awareness dramatically (stop being lost in thought)
    if I want my dreams to be more vivid...lucid even...

    k time for more dream yoga...
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