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    Lemon Mafiosa

    by , 10-06-2015 at 05:55 PM (201 Views)
    Dream - Parents wanted us to take a boat trip last day of our holiday. Waiting for boat to arrive we hang out at crappy outdated amusement park with a basketball shooting game and other stuff. My daughter wants me to get her a lemon drink so I head over to a local shop. There is an old guy in a string vest, a bit hairy but bald and skinny. He tries to charge me extra for the bright yellow drink (like lemonchello, italian drink). I hesitate about buying any, then tell him its over priced. He has to leave the store. I see outside there is a car full of dead guys, killed by the shopkeepers gang. He was mafia or something. I vamoose sharpish to find my daughter.

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