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    Lovely Lucid Kitties :3 :3 :3 <3

    by , 10-13-2015 at 05:53 PM (268 Views)
    I think this is probably a layer 1 lucid anyways....I was over joyed at time...

    I was having a normal dream I was in some shop or other. Interacting with normal bland drean characters (no offense to any dream characters out there).
    When I left the shop the dream plot went wacko....Incredibly vivid cats started to race towards me...very very excited....
    I could see every detail on them, the colours were vibrant and the fabric too...yes fabric...these dream character cats were made out of carpet and some out of cushion fabric with button eyes...but they were very...very alive...
    They clamored for my attention, flocking to me.
    I wondered if they would hurt me with their claws (did they even have claws? pin claws?)
    I took a deep breath and let them come closer...they HUGGED ME...big cats, small cats, some blue,some patterned....lots of hugs....

    Then I continued my dream as tho nothing had happened...this was a dream after all and this rumpus was...well out of place...so I continued on my dream way and it went back to non-lucid...

    Later I returned to the shop and was accused of something. I would have been busted but two friends walked in behind me dressed with black trilby hats and black waistcoats and matching white shirts. The store owner thought they were the feds...and by default me also...
    I checked over the crime scene...measured things up with a tape measure from the kitchen. Then made my way from stall to stall (those turny things they have in shops with merchandise on). Then made a break for the door. It was dark outside and pouring heavily with rain. I needed to find my car...THEN

    Bounding out of nowhere came cats...new ones...calling my name...(awww)...Just as vivid and clearly sentient...they were just so excited and overwhelmed that I was here and that they had got to meet me *think i'm gonna cry*
    I feel happy but then again a bit awkward telling myself this is not at all what dreams are supposed to be like...and I head off to look for my car in the deluge...
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    1. Milly's Avatar
      Kitties! grats on the lucid, and many more to come!
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