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    Misson : Escape from fitness club pronto!

    by , 09-26-2015 at 10:42 AM (449 Views)
    I rescued a friend from the evil clutches of a fitness instructor (scary lady in dark lycra). Lycra can look very good or very bad on someone.
    It looked good on her but her hair was all cruela deville everywhere and a bit menacing, along with her crazed eyes.
    I pulled my friend away and up a grass bank...

    Unfortunately I snagged her leg on the top of a wire fence...amd kind of sliced it off...straight through the bone...
    there was a red line of blood.... then it FELL OFF!

    I willed her really strongly not to notice my mess up. Felt really bad, this is not how a heroine does things
    And being a good little dream character she played along and didn't seem to notice at all. So I put her leg back together.
    She then ran off along a path to freedom.

    All very dark in dream, maybe night time escape

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    1. HelloBro123's Avatar
      That fitness instructor actually sounds kinda hot.
    2. Milly's Avatar
      NOt gona lie, I love the Oops-I-sliced-up-your-leg moment. straight out of a cartoon but no one was hurt in the end, right? :p
    3. MeohMyoh's Avatar
      Nope everything was good. My eyes are really sore tho...maybe I was the scary lady, after all xD