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    Oo...Scary...My secret Monsters

    by , 09-12-2015 at 11:35 AM (235 Views)
    D1 - House (groundless, sacral)
    In a dark old house. Traditional house with front stairwell but pretty much in total darkness. Monster lurks in shadows feeding off me...only needs to move slowly as i'm captive prey.
    It is darkness itself. I can see no eyes, only teeth and an outline
    (like no face in spirited away but without face, maybe a cousin )
    Shadows/darkness in house seem thick/alive. I escape but have to return everyday as it is my house.

    I find help from someone and use stones (reference to new concepts) to throw at monster and keep them at bay. Hundreds of spiders now appear for me to fend off.
    I decide the house is no longer somewhere for me to stay and I resolve to sleep outside in the open air, in the light.

    I recognise the darkness as my negative self thoughts that I give my energies to.
    Particularly my jealousy which is ever hungry (a strong synch here
    (Jealousy of my past life experiences = nostalgia)
    The light represents spending my energies on other things.

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    1. DannyCool's Avatar
      Great dream recall and interpretation. It is a simple as switching on and off a light. If you put a light into a cave then the darkness of eons disappears. I must keep my light on and not get caught in desire.