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    A pee ...no :s

    by , 09-28-2015 at 05:39 PM (252 Views)
    D1 - (Dream fragment) Living in a half built house unable to get up the stairs to rooms on top floor. Banisters block way.
    D2 - Powerless.
    In large house with sprawling corridors all on ground floor. Main corridor running round length of house.
    Bursting for a pee. Find toilet but there is some kind of self cleaning system in action which means when I go to sit down...there is a fountain of water erupting from seat itself...soaking me :/
    Then while i'm tring to work out how it works someone looks in at me through the window some blond haired girl. Give me a break!
    The controls involve 3 sets of switches and I just about figure it out when someone barges into the toilet and I get fed up and leave, they want a bath.
    As I run around the corridor to find another bathroom I see someone I think is my son and go to hug him. He is all bones with a shoulder blade like a knife jutting out of him.
    I move on to next bathroom which is taken. It has a glass door how chiche

    Interestingly I awake with a tight pain in my chest region
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    1. ~Dreamer~'s Avatar
      Hey MeohMyoh! I was semi-away from DV for a bit and got behind on my PMs, I was just reading your message about synchronicities and decided to check out your DJ.

      This dream is interesting and the themes are very familiar to me! My most frequent and longstanding dream sign is "toilet disasters" - being walked in on, some kind of plumbing/door malfunction, anything going wrong that makes me uncomfortable or unable to use the bathroom. I make a habit of reality checking while I use the toilet in waking life and questioning whether anything is strange/uncomfortable, and it's helped me to become lucid in quite a few dreams!
    2. MeohMyoh's Avatar
      Thanks Dreamer, your feedback is most appreciated. And as it happens most timely...
      prompting me to have new RCs
      1) "check for explosives in the bathroom!"
      2) "am I taking work to seriously?"
      3) Are these my feet?