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    Rogue dream

    by , 10-05-2015 at 06:15 PM (232 Views)
    D1 - Apparently there was a end of the world type storm coming. So I went to hide out in the woods and make a shelter.
    Lots of animals followed me. Do I look like snow white
    Next I use banks of earth to make a wall against the oncoming apocalyptic winds. I decide to dig straight down a wide
    trench, very deep. Along the bottom I store fire wood and along the side there are loads of square chambers sealed with clay.
    Inside each is a meal ready to go, all I need to do is place a fire next to it then break open the chamber to eat the meal.
    (probably roast hedgehog or rabbit).There is some kind of chimney for the smoke and a fire suspended by a pulley system from the roof.
    A series of hatches protects the trench from invasion from who knows what.
    Above the trench there are people in the trees ready to shoot any animals attracted by the smoke from cooking. And around the wooded camp is a plastic tarpaulin barrier.

    D2- Long battle against enemy agents has drawn near to it's end as the last two operatives fight it out.
    I am one of them as course xD tho I appear to be a Tom Cruise looky likey...nooooooooo. (so unfair).
    Anyway my arch nemesis has blond hair and looks like lead singer out of ABC Martin Fry...scary.
    We fight it out...in the air over London. Every thing looks weird from up in the sky. I can make out various landmarks.
    In the end it is my amazing swimming stroke as I fly...a bit like a desperate doggy paddle as I fly Oo.
    And I get to a brown car before the other agent and it's all over.

    I probably beat him to the secret supply of hair gel...idk.
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