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    Schools back

    by , 10-31-2015 at 11:05 AM (204 Views)
    D1 - In student house with many floors, landings. It is early hours of morning and others a sleep or just very dark. At bottom of house there is a food store, full of meat. You can only obtain food if you give an equivalent amount of meat. I would have to cut off my own arm and put it into storage. I managed to cut off someone elses arm and put that in instead.

    D2 - E is worried about how his class will perform in final year. He always jammy and manages to get out of trouble. He goes to head and makes presentation, head is taken in. Im annoyed.

    D3 - In class , traditional layout, tables in rows, 2 kids per desk, very dark, large blind down. I give children wrong work to do. Work is printed on old printer paper with holes down the sides. I try and get back work but some has been written on. I send some more to the printer as more children come into the class. I look at one childs work, it is a large homemade bound book with thing stuck on and in it. It breaks, oops.
    Class line up by window, light is streaming through below blind. child peaks under blind as is worried about being bullied. Bully is boy with dark short hair out in playground.
    I try to use computer terminal but I cant remember commands for old operating system dos.
    I get to printer room with class waiting outside. It is a large room with rows of old school tables. At the back tables have technicians and terminals and printers.
    I walk to a terminal at the back and try the commands, which come up in glowing green on screen. I check printer. Printers, all different, look like scaled down nuclear reactors, spherical, whitish and plasticy.
    A technician bustles over friendly, thining hair, lab coat, glasses. He asks if he can help me and busily types away, sending the printer into life.
    Terminals they are using are so old they are yellowing, with old shinny trademark silver and black on sides.
    Everytime a terminal breaks down it is not replaced hence workers are left here with nothing to do. Young women mess about on benches with nothing to do.

    D4 - Another classroom , another class. Children are not on time for lesson. Two turn up and then go into one when told off. One was carrying a bottle into class. other member of staff tries to pacify them.
    Child with long mop of hair obscuring face continues to grizzle on way to seat. Other children look on concerned.
    At end of classroom is a wooden shed and what seems to be a cliff. there is a fence to stop people falling to there death, presumably.
    One child goes under the fence and brings back a bucket full of bottles of something for the kid. He brings them over to kid to my astonishment and shagrin.
    I ask for a compromise from these crazy kids.

    D5 - Fragment
    Somebody told me I was having a big observation the first day back at school due to the pay banding im in. Waaaa scarier than Halloween. Phew was only a dream.

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