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    Slept Well :)

    by , 08-31-2015 at 10:27 AM (290 Views)
    Dream One - Entering results on computer in stuff old looking computer room. Old chairs and furniture and carpet, musty and old. Mich arrives and tells me I shouldn't have entered good results as now everyone else is going to have to pronto. Then spend time unsuccessfully to try and reverse my actions. Repeatedly entering computer room but failing.

    Dream Two - Large amount of people are on coastline to rescue/salvage? PP&S are there. Climb over to a large wooden boat with cabins via pontoon of floating upturned canoes with P. Find room uptop full of manga books but someone gets there and me and P can't get a look see even. Then meet RKs nan lol.

    Woke feeling serene.

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