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    Records of my night life aka my dream journal.

    1. Noctemocity 28

      by , 03-03-2019 at 07:05 AM (Noctemocity)
      83. I awakened to my house vibrating to the beat of music loud music. A truck was parked in front of my house with its music blaring. Being pissed off, I went downstairs and called the police. On the way back up the stairs someone blocked the door. I kicked my way through and saw men dragging a girl out side. I grabbed a knife and chased them outside. I leapt into the truck and stabbed the driver. The other men fled. The driver still held onto the girl so I stabbed him some more. It didn't phase him. I tossed the knife aside and started chewing his face off. He finally let the girl go. I was so enraged I kept biting into the guys face, tearing flesh off, and spitting it back into where his face should be. The police finally arrived but they didn't care about anything that had happened. I loaded the girl into my own car and drove ther to the hospital.

      84. I was on a mission to reach a frozen waterfall. I walked for a long time in the snow and the waterfall never came closer. I was distracted by a large concrete ditch with a dam in it. I climbed down to the dam, balanced across it, and climbed many stories straight up the outside wall of a building. At the top I leapt up to dangle from the top ledge of the building. I inched my way to the left, grabbed a pole and then swung/leapt onto the small ledge of another building. Once there I thought, "What the hell am I doing?" I looked around. I was trapped several stories high on a tiny ledge in the middle of winter. I sat down and tried to figure out a way down. Then it struck me, "This is stupid, even for me. This has to be a dream." I woke up.

      85. On a train trip with a lot of kids, which eventually dwindled down to one kid. The train also changed to have no roof or walls, just benches on a swiftly moving platform. I clung to the child so he or she would not fall off.
    2. Noctemocity 27

      by , 03-01-2019 at 01:22 PM (Noctemocity)
      83. Hunted with a pack of wild dogs, we were not quite wolves. We charged through field and forest to kill and devour anything in our path. The hunting felt vengeful and gluttonous.

      84. Delayed recall. Was in a therapy group with my mother. We discussed fears, joys, sorrows, and lastly sex. My mother looked extremely uncomfortable with the topic. When it came my turn to speak, I considered my mother's very obvious discomfort and asked if she might want to leave. She said no. So I told all that I thought needed telling. The group grilled me afterward.

      Fragment - In an old abandoned building, admiring it.

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    3. Dreambent

      by , 03-01-2019 at 02:57 AM (Noctemocity)
      Back to journalling online. I have much better recall and brushes with lucidity when (even slightly) interacting with other dreamers. Look out lucidverse, here comes dreambent me.
    4. Noctemocity 26

      by , 08-26-2018 at 06:42 PM (Noctemocity)
      81/ At a swimming resort and got involved with a game show that featured celebrities (who I can’t recall now). The game involved water so I went to change into a swim outfit. Got distracted by a guy who looked like Tom Hanks son. He auctioned things off. Remembered there was a game to take part in, changed into swimming attire, went back with five minutes to spare. I got into my game seat, which was partially submerged in water. The games made no sense. I just made random guesses and kept winning.

      Not even a fragment. Woke up with the feeling I’d been in a nightmare. Can’t remember it.

      82/ I ran shoeless through an old forest. On the ground, the old trees had no bark on them and the wood was worn smooth and shiny. The logs were twisty and spirally so I’d run and jump on a log and slide along it on my feet, leap to the next log and slide along until there were none left. Reminded me of Disney Tarzan sliding through the trees, except I slid along old toppled tree trunks and branches.

      Fragment: Running through a hilly wooded area.
      Hypnagogia: A mountain range in the distance unraveled bit by bit from the top down.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    5. Noctemocity 25

      by , 08-25-2018 at 03:43 PM (Noctemocity)
      79/19th Lucid Jogged through wooded paths. Rounded a bend and was almost cloths-lined by a skinny tree bent across the path. I limbo jogged under it at such an impossible angle. I stood up and laughed, "I'm dreaming. I'm finally asleep." I woke.

      80/ In a city with a friend, we were at an outdoor gathering. I pushed an empty baby stroller. Left, went to a store to buy a small bag of potato chips and a bottle of water but the store only had obscenely large bags of potato chips and large cans of energy drinks. I was going to buy them but had no money in my pocket. I left, put the empty baby buggy, now just the buggy frame, in the middle of the street. I left it there. Ran into my cousin. She asked where her buggy was. We had to go all the way back to retrieve it in the middle of rush hour.

      Fragment: killer with a chainsaw outside my window, tried to figure out how to defend myself.
      Woke up and the neighbors were cutting their grass with a horribly loud lawn mower.
      lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment
    6. Noctemocity 23 & 24

      by , 08-25-2018 at 06:08 AM (Noctemocity)
      Still having problems getting and staying asleep. Very little sleep means few dreams and me being to lazy to log them right when I wake up. Lost a lot of details to these both.

      Aug 23

      77/ Needed to get somewhere and there was a gatekeeper (same sex as me) that I had to sexually pleasure to pass. So I did. Didn't enjoy it and got through the gate.

      Aug 24th

      78/ A clown, strong feeling it was Pennywise, caused global problems. I went to where I thought was the end of the earth and asked a mountain how to defeat the clown. The Mountain unfurled into a humanish being and spoke at length with me, all the while the clown tried to interfere. A massive being of light with a sword descended from the sky and stabbed the sword straight down through the living mountain and stood watch over it. This scared me because the being was taller than the blue of the sky. I left to kill the clown. I chased it for a while. It kept trying to scare me but nothing scared me more than that sword wielding giant being of light. Wish I could remember specifics about this dream.
    7. Noctemocity 22

      by , 08-23-2018 at 03:36 AM (Noctemocity)
      76/ I drove a powder blue VW Beetle in search of something. I saw a massive yardsale and was distracted. Parked and browsed around the sales. Tried to order food but they said the food was for delivery only. I'd have to get it delivered elsewhere. Continued browsing. Police cars and ambulances swarmed the area. Someone had been run over and we were all evactuated from the area. My car was stuck in the mud so I left it and walked down the street trying to see evidence of the person who was run over. I saw no such thing. Got me thinking they were covering something else up, getting us out of the area for some other reason. Kept walking.

      Hypnogogia. Black flames that were only visible in the dark due to a faint white light that shone at the flame edges, making them look like dancing silhouette flames. People gathered around them.
    8. Noctemocity 21

      by , 08-21-2018 at 04:39 PM (Noctemocity)
      72/ Babysitting in a haunted house. Finally saw the ghost's reflection in a mirror, a little kid shadow running down the hall.

      73/ In school. Ewan McGregor was our teacher, though dressed in a nerdy disguise.

      74/ A sideways storm swept over the area. Clouds were greenish. I was fascinated by it while everyone else (the smarter ones) were afraid and ran for cover.

      75/ Motorbiking on a mountain road. It was all snow and sunshine, rainbows reflected off the snow. Was enveloped into the colors of a rainbow and felt at peace. Never wanted to leave.
    9. Noctemocity 20

      by , 08-20-2018 at 05:16 PM (Noctemocity)
      August 20th

      67/ In class with piles of reading and work to be done. I packed up and left early. Had to maneuver under and over strings of ropes in the hallway to get out.

      68/ At a meeting were people were dressed in clothes made of flags and bullets and feathers, eagle feathers I think. My friends were seduced into the group. It felt like a cult to me. I went into a house and sat alone wondering how to get my friends out of the group. A cat came and sat on my lap. A girl appeared out of the shadows and sat at my feet. The cat was hers so I gave it back. She wanted me to help her escape the group. I was conflicted. I wanted to help her, she looked so desperate but on the other hand I’d probably be charged with kidnapping. We tried to come up with a way for her and my friends to be rescued.

      69/ I had to rush back to school, I'd missed my bus. I did intervals of jogging and walking even though school would mostly be over by the time I got there. Cars kept driving too near to me, almost running me over. At a corner a truck aimed for me. I ran behind a stop sign and the truck hit that instead. Was it even worth it to go to classes i didn't even like?

      70/ 17th Lucid Can’t remember what clued me in, but I reality checked to discover I was in a dream. Told my friend we were in a dream. He didn’t believe me so I leaped into the air and drifted up and over electric lines. I told him to fly too but he couldn’t do it. I told him to sing a song he likes, run to the beat, his steps would get lighter each time. I drifted around in the sky and waited. He finally ran up into the air and flew unsteadily. He adopted a swimming through the air technique to stabalize. I drifted around in circles and rose higher into the sky. Friend swam after me. I suddenly sort of remembered one of my goals and yelled down to my friend, “I’m sorry. I have to leave. There’s something I must do.” I flew up into the clouds, which were brightly illuminated by the half moon. I couldn’t rise higher than the clouds. I didn’t know exactly what I needed to do, all I knew was I needed to get up past this world and into the next.

      Letters illuminating on a board, sort of like wheel of fortune but much larger.
      A ragged cloth wrapped clumsily in blue ribbon

      71/ 18th Lucid Was with a tour group in a place that looked like Arizona. We traveled for a while and came to a secret raging river and massive waterfall. People, against the tour guides’ wills, climbed down the rocks to the water’s edge. I was one of those people. I just wanted to touch the water. Everyone sat on a rock ledge and let their feet dangle in the river, chatting. I tried to sing but people talked over me. Arguing amongst the tourists ensued.
      I noticed a small island mid river and was instantly filled with the unshakable desire to wade across to it. I reality checked because of the stupidity of my decision and discovered I was dreaming. I reality checked one more time to be sure. I slipped over the ledge and dropped into the water. It was cold and not very forceful but the stones under my feet were slippery. It felt very real, I reality checked again. Yes, still dreaming.
      People behind me yelled for me to get out of the river. I told them it was okay. When they wouldn’t shut up, turned and angrily yelled, “I’m invisible. I was never here.” It worked. Everyone forgot about me. I reality checked again and waded across the river. It occured that I could get across some easier way but felt it was necessary for me to ford the rapids.
      I got across and crawled up onto the island, which sat at the top edge of the very tall waterfall. I peeked over and could not see the bottom, it was too misty. I was tempted to fall into the mis to see where I'd end up. I didn’t. I turned back to the island there sat an old woman and man sitting in the flowers watching me.
      “Will you sing us a song?” they asked, together. “I can try,” I answered. I sang for them all the songs I could think of. I don’t remember what happened after this.

      Have to work harder at remembering my lucid goals and ways to not be distracted.
      lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment
    10. Noctemocity 19

      by , 08-20-2018 at 04:46 PM (Noctemocity)
      August 19th

      65/ Roadtripped with others. We stopped for gas and behind the station was a massive old abandoned house. I asked the gas station attendant whose house it was, I wanted to explore it. Was told they were doing a tour that night, as they do every weekeend. We stayed and explored the house.

      66/ We lived underground, in hiding. There was a doorway that could only be seen from a certain angle. There was no bathroom underground so we had to risk our lives to venture outside to take care of business. I went out on such a mission and found a one story cinderblock building that was a ‘bathroom’. Inside it was empty except for areas where people had left piles of feces. I noped the hell out of there and continued my search for a place, all the while being very careful as I wandered outside.

      Note: Bathrooms are appearing a lot too.
    11. Noctemocity 17 & 18

      by , 08-20-2018 at 04:42 PM (Noctemocity)
      17th - No recall. Got lazy and didn’t write out my dreams thru the night.


      63/ Flying over waterfalls. Don’t know if in a plane or helicopter or on own. The falls were very high. Had a feeling something lived behind one.

      64/ My room had all shapes, sizes, and colors of ants. They didn’t bother me in particular, just went about their ant business. I let them be and continued on at my own business.

      Fragment: a pile of dirty dishes that I considered just throwing out instead of doing

      Notes: Ants are becoming a thing, as well as waterfalls.
    12. Noctemocity 16

      by , 08-16-2018 at 05:58 PM (Noctemocity)
      Aug 16

      61/An old, beautiful neighborhood was to be demolished to build an ugly apartment building. I rode a bike in the area and reminisced about my childhood there. One of the many churches about to be demolished, was open. I went inside and everything was for sale. Made me sad. Was this progress or pure greed? I went to the other churches and they were already abaondoned, standing like stone skeletons.

      62/Shopped with some friends. I bought a new set of used golf clubs which turned into fighting staffs at some point. A friend had bought some 3d printed guns and shot them off right there in the city. A guy came from out of an alley and joined in the shooting. I left. Found a pawn shop that ended up hanging out in because of the conversations.

      Woke up several times and vaguely remember a women, or women, had been talking to me.
      A man, who looked the color of clay pots, sang something walking toward me.
    13. Noctemocity 15

      by , 08-15-2018 at 11:33 PM (Noctemocity)
      Aug 15th

      56/ Was in a university, had decorated my backpack with cultural symbols. Saw notes posted at campus that there were threats to people of minority cultures. I removed all but two of the symbols from my backpack. If I was a target, so be it.

      57/ Someone offered me and nephew a bit of wild parsnip. Our mouths burned but no one cared. I took care to keep drinking water hoping to dilute the burning. I shared my water with my nephew.

      58/ LUCID!! Trapped in a large, old house by a storm. Frustrated I stepped out the door and yelled into the sky. As I yelled the clouds split to reveal stars. ‘What the hell... this is a dream!’ I stepped out into the storm and yelled until all of the clouds parted. The storm was gone. Stars shone brightly above, all in their correct places. I struggled to remember my goals. Something to do with the sky. I tried to fly but couldn’t lift off for long. No luck teleporting. I rememberd the sky tune but not the words. I walked around in a circle sideways, my back facing to the center of the circle. I hummed the song and looked at the sky. With each step I rose a little off the ground. I looked down and instantly the earth was beneath my feet again. ‘no!’ I said. I started the circle and humming again and rose. The stars twinkled around me. They were not distant like science says, they hovered near and sparkled their voices. I kept humming and rising and eventually forgot where I was going. I don’t remember anything after.

      59/ A train, I heard on the news, went off its cable. I felt it was done on purpose. I reported my findings and suspicions but no one believed me.

      60/ In my early childhood hometown with a dream spouse and child. We were inspecting houses to buy. My spouse wanted one on the side of a hill. I told spouse that all the houses in that area are too close together, almost sitting one on top of the other going up the hill. I wasn't believed until we got to the neighborhood. We argued about why I’m never ‘listened to’.

      61/ Someone killed the landlady of a set of ritzy buildings. The scenes kept switching back and fourth from what looked to be the 1800s and present. Sometimes the characters were dressed in period clothes and the buildings were similarly old. Then everyone and everything would be modern. I worked the case and couldn’t figure out any solid suspects. They called in Sherlock Holmes. He solved the case quickly. The land lady wasn't dead at all. Why hadn't he informed the police? He and she had wanted to see how long it would take the police to solve a murder that wasn't a murder. The old lady's niece had intended to kill the old lady and had thought her dead. She struck her niece out of her will, would sell her buildings and spend the rest of her days travelling. She asked Holmes to accompany her. He said he would part way. The police departmenet and I were left feeling like fools. The cops on the scene began plotting how to have holmes arrested.

      -A room with many cats, a huge fat orange cat curled on my lap
      -Walking on wooden planks and platforms across water - mammals float by underwater, belly up, with their paws sticking up through the surface. They were not dead, just relaxing under water.
    14. Noctemocity 14

      by , 08-15-2018 at 06:16 AM (Noctemocity)
      Aug 14

      53/ Learned a new language in sets of five words at a time. I learned rapidly.

      54/ Dexter Morgan shaved his head and got on a plane to Africa to escape his life. But he was not escaping. The pilot and co pilot of the plane looked just like Dexter. Twins? Worse. Clones that were each twice as evil.

      55/ Childhood home, it was unusually clean and empty. I was alone. Isolated but not lonely... nor was I happy about my alone-ness. I listened to music and stared out the back window. 3 squirrels in the tree outside disrupted my peace. I chased them away by squirting them with a water hose. I then regretted it, because I realized I was alone again. I didn't mind it but I didn't like it either.
    15. Noctemocity 13

      by , 08-14-2018 at 04:45 PM (Noctemocity)
      Aug 13

      50/ In an overcrowded classroom couldn’t stand up. My lower half had just called it quits. I tired of struggling to stand so floated up and over my classmates instead. I floated out of the classroom and through the halls. People hardly ever look upward.

      51/ In a well groomed, hilly landscape dotted with trees. A shallow pond is at its center. Kids play, one kid is alone and I scooped him or her up to carry back to shore. The water, just past ankle deep, was full of hundreds of snakes, belly up. There were also hundreds of giant red centepedes swimming underwater. I realize then that the pond is moving. It slowly drains and shows up in an a neighborning valley. It keeps doing this until it drains into a lake. The kids falls into the lake and I have to save him/her. I try to find the parents.

      52/ My cousin, who just renewed her wedding vows, split with her husband.
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