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    Noctemocity 16

    by , 08-16-2018 at 05:58 PM (156 Views)
    Aug 16

    61/An old, beautiful neighborhood was to be demolished to build an ugly apartment building. I rode a bike in the area and reminisced about my childhood there. One of the many churches about to be demolished, was open. I went inside and everything was for sale. Made me sad. Was this progress or pure greed? I went to the other churches and they were already abaondoned, standing like stone skeletons.

    62/Shopped with some friends. I bought a new set of used golf clubs which turned into fighting staffs at some point. A friend had bought some 3d printed guns and shot them off right there in the city. A guy came from out of an alley and joined in the shooting. I left. Found a pawn shop that ended up hanging out in because of the conversations.

    Woke up several times and vaguely remember a women, or women, had been talking to me.
    A man, who looked the color of clay pots, sang something walking toward me.

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