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    Noctemocity 22

    by , 08-23-2018 at 03:36 AM (124 Views)
    76/ I drove a powder blue VW Beetle in search of something. I saw a massive yardsale and was distracted. Parked and browsed around the sales. Tried to order food but they said the food was for delivery only. I'd have to get it delivered elsewhere. Continued browsing. Police cars and ambulances swarmed the area. Someone had been run over and we were all evactuated from the area. My car was stuck in the mud so I left it and walked down the street trying to see evidence of the person who was run over. I saw no such thing. Got me thinking they were covering something else up, getting us out of the area for some other reason. Kept walking.

    Hypnogogia. Black flames that were only visible in the dark due to a faint white light that shone at the flame edges, making them look like dancing silhouette flames. People gathered around them.

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