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    Noctemocity 23 & 24

    by , 08-25-2018 at 06:08 AM (112 Views)
    Still having problems getting and staying asleep. Very little sleep means few dreams and me being to lazy to log them right when I wake up. Lost a lot of details to these both.

    Aug 23

    77/ Needed to get somewhere and there was a gatekeeper (same sex as me) that I had to sexually pleasure to pass. So I did. Didn't enjoy it and got through the gate.

    Aug 24th

    78/ A clown, strong feeling it was Pennywise, caused global problems. I went to where I thought was the end of the earth and asked a mountain how to defeat the clown. The Mountain unfurled into a humanish being and spoke at length with me, all the while the clown tried to interfere. A massive being of light with a sword descended from the sky and stabbed the sword straight down through the living mountain and stood watch over it. This scared me because the being was taller than the blue of the sky. I left to kill the clown. I chased it for a while. It kept trying to scare me but nothing scared me more than that sword wielding giant being of light. Wish I could remember specifics about this dream.

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