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    Noctemocity 26

    by , 08-26-2018 at 06:42 PM (377 Views)
    81/ At a swimming resort and got involved with a game show that featured celebrities (who I canít recall now). The game involved water so I went to change into a swim outfit. Got distracted by a guy who looked like Tom Hanks son. He auctioned things off. Remembered there was a game to take part in, changed into swimming attire, went back with five minutes to spare. I got into my game seat, which was partially submerged in water. The games made no sense. I just made random guesses and kept winning.

    Not even a fragment. Woke up with the feeling Iíd been in a nightmare. Canít remember it.

    82/ I ran shoeless through an old forest. On the ground, the old trees had no bark on them and the wood was worn smooth and shiny. The logs were twisty and spirally so Iíd run and jump on a log and slide along it on my feet, leap to the next log and slide along until there were none left. Reminded me of Disney Tarzan sliding through the trees, except I slid along old toppled tree trunks and branches.

    Fragment: Running through a hilly wooded area.
    Hypnagogia: A mountain range in the distance unraveled bit by bit from the top down.
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