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    Two Lucid Dreams

    by , 08-02-2018 at 01:33 AM (127 Views)
    1. Shane Dawson, his little white dog, and I tried to escape earth before it was invaded by aliens.

    2. In a hospital full of dark rooms in which twisted bodies lay in pain. There were no doors or windows out.

    3. School, needed to use the bathroom but they had no stalls. Just lines of toilets sitting out in the open and people watching.

    4. LUCID! I got lucid by Venus being too close to earth. A woman and I soared through the sky. We tried to fly to Venus but a man living behind the planet stopped us. We fell into the ocean. I saved the woman and sent her home. I intended to meet the Venus man so ran back out onto the ocean but sank deeper with each step. I fell in and the dream destabalized. I floated on my back and focused on the water around me. The scene became stable but when I looked to Venus I was shocked it was plummeting toward me. The shock woke me up.

    Woke up & wrote the above dream then back to bed with intention of getting lucid.

    5. LUCID! Hypnagogic image of a crystal ball floating in dark. Was on the verge of sleep and started to wake. I grabbed the crystal ball. It anchored me in the scene but it still felt weak. I focused on the cool, smooth feel of the crystal ball in my hands. The scene stabalized. It was still in dark. Inside the crystal flame like forms flickered into near recognizable shapes. The dark pressed and I felt afraid. I reality checked to be sure I was still dreaming. I held the orb above my head. It lit up the immediate area. I introduced myself into the dark. No reply came. After a while I felt the dream becoming unstable. I tried to use the orb to anchor myself. It didn't work. I woke.
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