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    by , 07-23-2010 at 06:39 PM (713 Views)

    1.) In an airport. At the check-in counter. I think I was a spy. I was trying to re route my trip through 23 different cities so that the people following me couldn't find me. Then I walked out and found my mom and dad in a chauffeured car and we went to a copy shop. I said I needed a notepad for my planner.

    2.) At my parents' house. In the kitchen. Danielle, Jen, and Jen's girlfriend Heather are there. Danielle's phone's T9 isn't working so she hands it to me to fix. Then I get mad and throw her phone at Jen and tell her she needs to get out of the house, I don't even know why she's there. So I go to punch her and she dodges it. So I put her in a headlock and bring her to the front door and tell her to leave. She and Heather go to the car and Jen's just generally bitching. It's pitch black outside. Then everyone from Jamie's house across the street come outside and start heckling Jen and Heather. I look down the road and see a horse drawn carriage pull into someone's garage and some kids on a swing set. Then a mack truck comes down the street. The front says "Richmond Times-Dispatch." On the side, it says www.bearbackers.com. Then Jen comes up to the front porch and sets off fireworks. A cop driving down the street does a u-turn and chases after her. I turned to Danielle and asked her, "Is this really happening??" It just seemed like it was too much going on. I feel like I was lucid for just a moment because I figured out that I was dreaming.

    whatever you do, don't go to that website!!!

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    1. PantsParty's Avatar
      You might want to put in parentheses next to that link that it is NOT a goodl ink to follow... I immediately got curious before finishing the read. That was really gross. Lol