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    1. Slugs All Over Me!

      by , 05-26-2020 at 02:16 PM
      I'm in some sort of underground cavern, in a bathing suit, in shallow water with two other people, a man and a woman. Only the lower half of our bodies are in the water. I'm playing footsie with the woman and then the man sticks his foot in between ours. I can feel the silt on the bottom of this body of water. It's gross. I'm starting to feel pretty grossed out and stand up to get out of the water and onto some smooth, flat rocks. I look down at my legs and there are tiny slugs all over me!!!! I start just running and freaking out and pulling these slugs off myself. Then it's as if the underground cavern was attached to a building, and I've run into that building and now I'm in some sort of strange never ending hallway of dressing rooms. I am zig zagging through these dressing rooms, all of which are different and have different themes, like, Japanese, one of them was blue, one had a lot of mirrors, one was red. I'm not frantically running anymore, but it feels important to get out of this maze. When I finally do, I am met with.... a giant seemingly holographic black and white and gray face, with eyes closed talking at me extremely loudly in a language I do not understand. It is subtitled. I can't remember all of it, but it's saying something along the lines of it's God, and I met the challenge, or there's a task for me, or something. I don't remember much of what was said, or if I talked back to it, I was honestly so freaked out by the loudness of it all.

      Second part of my dream, I'm in a parking lot and someone comes up to me saying there's a half off sale at this store. I go in and it's kind of a dispensary/drugstore. There are candy edibles - just rows and rows of them, neon colors or gummies and hard candies. I look at the expiration dates and they are five years away. So I start grabbing handfuls of them. Then I go down a toy aisle and look for something for my youngest nephew. I thought he might want an action figure or something. There are a lot of Lego sets and some other toys. There was one action figure with a face that kind of reminded me of the face from the previous dream. Then I look a little further and it's a balcony up ahead. Over the edge there seems to be some sort of situation with air blowing up from underneath so that everything over the edge is floating. A guy with skis jumps over the edge and floats down to the bottom very gently.