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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. 10/16/2009

      by , 07-30-2010 at 05:37 PM
      I don't know what the deal is, but the past two nights I can't remember anything but two false awakenings. I thought I woke up and scratched my nose once and the other time I thought Andrea had turned over in her sleep. weird.
      false awakening
    2. 01/01/09

      by , 07-22-2010 at 03:04 PM
      The Amazing Christmas Lights

      I was driving down the street leaving my parents' house when I look up and notice there is a tree that's about 400 feet tall with Christmas lights all over it. They're LED lights, not just your normal old school lights. I know this because I drove into the neighborhood and found what street it was on. All down the street there were more trees like that one, just not as large. I must have gotten out of the car somewhere along the way because the next thing I know I'm in someone's backyard on their deck overlooking a lake sitting in a chair talking to them telling them about the lights. Then I look up in the sky and there is a beautiful fireworks display. I told the people I was with to look out on the lake to see the reflection of all the fireworks.

      The Lucid Beach

      I was at the beach looking out into the ocean. There were people there in the water and I see sharks coming. I thought to myself that's unsafe. So I changed the sharks into dolphins. The waves were crashing and the dolphins were jumping in and out of the waves. I raised my hands above my head and the waves grew really tall! I put my hands down and it wasn't like my other beach dreams where they get out of control when they crash. They just kind of shrank back down to normal. I raised my arms again with emphasis this time and the wave grew as high as the sun was up in the sky. I put my arms back down and the waves went back down again. That's when it hit me... I'm making this happen... I'm dreaming this!!

      So I thought of everything I had read on DV and tried to stay calm. The first thing I did was rub my hands together. I could actually feel myself rubbing my hands together. It was bizarre. Such a different feeling than anything I had dreamed before. I had never felt something like that. I looked around and I was still on the beach, it looked a little bit more stable and a bit more clear. I really felt like I was standing on the beach. I wanted it to feel even more real, so I said, "Clarity now!!" Never before in a dream had I felt and heard myself say something. I just kind of felt dialogue, but this felt like I was awake hearing myself say something. But, it didn't make anything that much more clear. I think I was too excited about how it felt to be lucid. I remembered one more thing I wanted to do. I tried to spin. I closed my eyes and thought not about being somewhere else particularly, but just not being on the beach anymore. The first thing I came up with was kind of a construction site, but I didn't want to be there, so I tried to spin again and I ended up back at the beach. It was then that I lost lucidity. I think I was either too excited that it was actually working or frustrated that I ended up back at the beach. I probably should have just stayed there anyway. I can't wait to try again!!

      I just remembered.... I felt at some point like I had woken up and Andrea came into the bedroom from the living room where she said she was looking up recipes. I was sleeping at the bottom of the bed instead of at the top. When I actually woke up I asked her if I said anything in my sleep and she said she didn't hear anything and I was never at the bottom of the bed. I wonder if that's a false awakening. I'm going to read about that now.