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    1. B&E, Poussey, Video Game Casino, Stand Up Karaoke

      by , 07-17-2015 at 12:15 PM
      The strangest. weirdest. dream I've ever had probably.

      I remember fragments, and I have to write this down quick because I have to get ready for work, and let's be honest, I probably won't get back to it today.

      It's like I won a strange lottery or something... but not until the middle.

      First thing I remember is being with a group of people at night in a neighborhood and going into someone's house that I don't know. I don't think it was my neighborhood, and at first I didn't think the owners of the house were at home. It's dark out and inside the house as well. It's a pretty nice house (this is probably because my cousin gave me pictures yesterday of the new house he bought). Then I'm alone and I'm upstairs and I see that the occupants are home. It's an overweight man and his not overweight wife. maybe in their late thirties, early forties. I feel like I have to get out of there before they see me. so I head to the door and meet up with the people who I broke into the house with and we just walk out the front door. there was an elderly lady, though, that we saw before leaving, and she didn't make it seem like we were in any trouble for being there.

      Then we're in a van (maybe because we were talking about vans and the Buick Enclave I want while we were at Busch Gardens yesterday) and driving around a "neighborhood" and I use that term loosely because it was more like a backlot tour at a movie set, but it was kind of creepy. it had the feel like we were in a video game, but I didn't know the objective. I can't remember anything more than feeling that it was weird. it's like we were on a tour. it was still dark, but then it's like we were going through different terrains (I've been playing Terraria) and it was turning into a snowy area, the I feel like there was fire, and maybe muddy at some points.

      then I remember walking into like maybe a casino or a gigantic arcade. I was in line with people and when it was my turn I asked for this device that you wear around your neck and it clamps down on it on either side and it has speakers in it and it vibrates like a video game controller, but you feel it all throughout your body. When it activated, I could hear someone say something through the speaker and it was like it was in my head, not a peripheral sound from inside the arcade. (I had a little while ago, maybe a month ago, been playing Fallout using headphones.) I enter the arcade and see all these games, tons of them, in rows like at a casino. Then I run into Poussey from Orange is the New Black and she's so excited and she grabs me by the shoulders and says, "it's like we won the lottery!" I can't find any games I want to play, though.

      Then I see this lady sitting on the ground or in a beach chair talking to a group of people about selling... cars... electronics... something, and I start talking about how I would sell the shit out of whatever it was we were talking about. I was pretty excited about it, and it seemed like she was, too, like she wanted to hire me.

      Then somehow I don't have my shirt on and I walked up to someone that worked at wherever I was at and told them, and she said, oh it's no big deal, show off that six pack! (I do not have a six pack... but I *am* losing some weight!) so I straighten myself up and stand tall and walk around like it's NBD.

      Then I'm outside and I'm walking around in the snow and I can see my footprints. At this point I become lucid for a brief moment and think that I can go do whatever I want now because I realize I'm dreaming. but something startles me and I lose it. I haven't been lucid for a very long time. Maybe stressed out at work, I dunno. Then I see my wife go walk off into the bushes with another woman and I feel really upset, like, that's my wife! what are you doing?

      then I'm in a group of people and we're walking through what feels like a haunted house, except it's outside and there a guy and a few girls with me. I feel like it's a game and people are watching us (like Cabin in the Woods). Then we get to a swimming pool/lazy river and we all get in. we float over to a section where there's a man asking what we want most. one of the girls says she wants a spoon with caramelized sugar on it and I say I want a "marijuana cigarette" which must have been a big no-no to ask for and the girl and the guy asking the question's eyes got really big ans so I said "haha, I got you, just kidding, I want to do stand-up comedy!" and so then I'm on a big stage and the curtain opens and the song "I don't wanna lose your love tonight" comes on, but I sing the words "I got my first real six string... bought it at the five and dime... I don't know the rest of the words... I just wanna shake my ass for you!!" and then I'm on these gymnastics parallel bars and I do some really sweet routine.

      then my alarm went off.

      damn. what a night. I need to take a shower.