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    Old Job, Church, Luggage, Scuzzy Downtown

    by , 01-02-2020 at 10:28 PM (106 Views)
    I was visiting my most recent old job, leaving notes on people's desks and meeting with old friends I see someone is there from two jobs ago, the one who was in my hiring interview who later because my boss and almost a mentor. She and a couple other people and I exit the building and walk across the street, talking about someone's kid that needs to go to this private religious school.

    Across the street is a beautiful church! It's many stories high with beautiful trees with flowers dangling in chains from the highest branches. Like a sanctuary. It was so beautiful it moved me to tears. My old boss walks through the door at the "reception" area and the person at the desk asks something about digital photography and my old boss gives some sort of snarky answer and a man there was not too pleased with that, but lets us enter anyway.

    Not sure what happened once inside - cut to being outside. There is a median in the street outside and on it are tons of suitcases. I walk down to the end and now I'm in a gross downtown area. There are steel barrels with fires in them and it's like homeless city. I don't remember much else because this dream happened a couple months ago, just needed to finish up writing about it.
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