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    5 LDs in a night, can't just let it go.

    by , 04-06-2014 at 12:30 PM (1085 Views)
    I recently had 5 LDs and this is record-breaking so I might as well write them down. Don't wanna forget them.

    1st lucid : [COLOR="#008080"]I'm in the bedroom and I suddenly feel like I need to do a RC. I do the hands one and I have 6 fingers on each hand. I'm quite shocked because the dream is too vivid. I jump out the window and see some random people. This guy with black hair comes towards me and starts singing. I tell him to stop it then he gets angry and leaves.[/COLOR]

    2nd lucid : [COLOR="#008080"]I have a FA. I wake up in my bed, do another RC and realize I'm dreaming again. I jump out the window (it's the easiest way to get out of my apartment) and I see anime looking people and humans talking to each other. I walk down the street and see this girl with pink kind of redish hair (ponytail). When she sees me, she runs to me and says hello. I say hello back. She tells me that she needs to drive me home. I tell her that I'm already home but she gets angry and her eyes turn red. She yells at me saying that this is not my home, not my real home. She forces me to go with her by grabbing my hand and pulling me. I yell no and I keep trying to run. She eventually leaves my hand but she says she will come back to me.[/COLOR]

    3rd lucid : [COLOR="#008080"]I wake up in another dream and do another RC. Realize I'm dreaming and jump out the window again. It's night outside and I see the moon looking bigger than before. All kind of monsters are walking towards it. I ask a kid why they're walking towards the moon and he tells me that I should go too. I follow them and go through a forest and then I meet some humans.. I ask them why they're here and they say that they came to see the lord.[/COLOR]

    4th lucid : [COLOR="#008080"] Bedroom, RC, window. I see people wearing different traditional clothes from countries like Korea, Mexico, Japan, Romania, etc. I see this store that appeared in all of my lucids before and I fly to it and I destroy it.[/COLOR]

    5th lucid : [COLOR="#008080"]Same thing. This time I stabilize but for some reason my hands are wet. I see this guy with purple hair talking to other people. I pat him on the back. He looks back at me and he's really tan, has hazel eyes and he is overweight. He is really handsome and he follows me everywhere. There is this girl who runs to me all excited and hugs me. She looks at me and she says that she's really happy to see me and says that she was waiting for me for a long time. She says that someone hosts a party in my BRAIN and that I should go there. I get in a car and tell the driver to drive me to the party. I arrive at this cool big house. There are balloons, clowns and all kind of weird stuff. People were having a lot of fun. There is also a train and people are crazy about it. I enter in the house and it looks exactly like my apartment. I go in the bathroom and the guy with purple hair is taking a bath(except this time he has brown hair). I cover my eyes and say sorry but he keeps yelling at me. I get out of the bathroom and I see that in my grandmother's room is really dark. I get in there and I see a vampire. I run out of it and go in the living room. I look out the window and it's snowing.[/COLOR]
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    1. TwoCrystalCups's Avatar
      The only way for you to get off the apartment is out the window....seems like you are trapped and want an easier way out.
      I also had a dream about snow a few nights ago i looked out the window as well. Odd. And it was in a apartment too....i think my old place.
      Updated 04-06-2014 at 09:07 PM by hathor28
    2. Miau's Avatar
      Yeah, I wanna get lucid in other places than my apartment. But for some reason, that's the only place I get lucid in. I only get lucid from FAs T_T I wanna get lucid in the middle of fighting or something cooler but no, of course not. I guess as long as I get lucid, doesn't matter in what place.
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