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    This is where I share my adventures on the land of desires, unlimited potential and self-discovery,

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    1. Short one and Senseless FA

      by , 08-02-2013 at 11:22 PM (Streaming My Utopia)
      DILD - 01/08/2013

      I was in my bed and I noticed there were some footprints on the ceiling which I supposedly got there (not sure how) and there was a pair of hands coming off the wall just by the side of my bed. I thought that was weird, I inspected them and it turns out they were fake plastic hands. That was enough for me, no need for RC, I was lucid. As a consequence of the late morning hour I had this dream in, there was some noise coming through my bedroom which in turn manifested as someone fixing something in the building, the people working on it were being somewhat assholes previously.

      I stabilized and decided I wanted to go to my old place and visit my neighbour, I've had a childhood crush on her for some years and I made it a personal LD goal of mine to go "take her on a date".

      The way I thought about going there was to go through my bedroom door and expect to come out in my old building, it didn't work out that way, I was still in a slightly different version of my home. I said screw it and the first thought that came to my mind was to somehow go to the train station down the street and go from there, I thought it wouldn't be hard to pull off. So I phased through my window directly to the street and I rushed down the ramp to the station. On the way I found one of those assholes that was making noise earlier, he was on top of a tallish structure and I decided to mess with him. I half flew half climbed another tall structure in front of his and when I got there I asked "You still wanna be an asshole? We can have some fun." He looked intimitaded and awestruck so I just let him go and continued down the street.

      When I got to the station it was all different and I couldn't find my way to where I was supposed to go. I insisted and continued on to the place where the right WL paths would be and expected them to appear, it worked for some time but then it didn't. The dream was unstable and I had to stabilize more than once to keep it going, it was probably due to being in the later REM cycles and all the noise around me. At some point I unevitably
      woke up without achieving anything. I thought about DEILD and I remained still but then I thought it wouldn't be worth risking forgetting the dream and going in with low chances of a stable LD.

      FA - 02-08-2013

      I was in my bed and I did a nose pinch RC which turned out positive, I tried to picture a dream scenario but didn't wait long and as I couldn't I tried to move my arm and I managed. My mistake was thinking that I moved my real arm and had woken up which later on I would find I didn't.

      ^ Never again... I just learned to move my ass and never back down when I get a RC working. Damn me.
      lucid , false awakening
    2. Shapeshifting my Way To Lucidity

      by , 07-30-2013 at 02:49 PM (Streaming My Utopia)
      On a quick starting note I want to register the different approach I will be taking to my DJ. I wanted it to be about the cool adventures and accomplishments I end up having in my lucids making for a mostly entertaining reading experience, because of that I haven't been recording most of my lucids. From now on, every lucid I have will eventually be here, unless of course it involves something I'm not comfortable sharing.

      Moving on

      30/07/2013 - DILD

      I was walking with another guy who like me was a shapeshifter, we were aware of a group of men following us and we decided to make a run for it. They catched up to us and grabbed the guy that was with me, he could shift into a wolf and they wanted him to run with them (similar to the concept of shifters in True Blood), they were bad news and we didn't want nothing to do with them so I told him to escape first, I would divert them and when it was time for me to go I would use my ability to loose them.

      I ran but they easily catched up to me everytime. At some point I faked falling and even let out a little scream to make my point more convincing. When they got down on the ground to pick me up and make their capture I quickly ran away thinking about how I would make my shift happen. I just remembered "If I stay calm, have no doubt and just move accordingly I will shift easily". In a fraction of a second I took a little jump into the air and instantly shifted into an owl, from running to flying, no breaks.

      I landed on the top of a building of the pretty village I was in. Due to the nature of events, I was lucid. The scenary around me had a very blue feeling and appearence to it, mostly due to all the rooftops of the many houses around being that colour. There wasn't a single soul to be seen on the streets (get it?).

      I decided to stabilize. I looked at my hands throughly, they looked mostly normal and along with the scenario they increased in detail and vividness as I inspected them. While I did this I was making affirmations like "Clarity now. I anchor myself to lucidity and the dream". I was satisfied with the feel and added details of the dream but I suddently started to feel like some "wind-like" force was shaking me a little bit back and forth on the top of the building, since it wasn't really windy I wondered what that could be. I would soon find out since...
      It was precisely 5:30 am and my alarm was waking me up to go to work.

      Sweet dreams!
      side notes , lucid , non-lucid
    3. "Where is my Queen?" / Sexy Fragment

      by , 07-01-2013 at 05:02 PM (Streaming My Utopia)
      I will often, for my amusement, approach my LD's with a couple of different personas that put me in different places regarding my environment and my interaction with the characters. Inspired by KingYoshi and (in a way) a TV Show I've been watching recently (The Tudors) I decided to make myself the King of my dream world.

      19/06/2013 - DILD

      I was in my kitchen with my mom talking about something I don't recall and I did a RC for no apparent reason, counting my fingers mindfully looking at my hands I had half fingers "This can't be, is this really a dream?", I RC'ed a couple more times, somehow I was having a hard time accepting I was dreaming, I don't know why but my guess is because it was an habit RC and not a surge of awareness or questioning of reality.

      Eventually I accepted the most welcomed fact, went to my backyard and jumped to the top of a big green wall which is sort of not there (iwl). I decided to stabilize and enhance the dream so I started looking for visual detail around me, the dream was already vivid so I'm not sure if this really added to it but where before I didn't have sun at all now I was still standing in the shadow but the sun illuminated an area directly in front of me.

      I remembered my current goal at the time, to have the queen of my dreamverse present herself to me (such bs).

      I let out a passionate and euphoric shout into the air "Your king is back! May the queen of my dream world please step foward!" As I was finishing that sentence I expected to hear cheers from a crowd all around me while some sort of competition was to take place and, I think I closed my eyes somewhere in the sentence (or the scenario turned 180 with black in between).

      The crowd did make a lot of noise (mainly females) and suddenly I was sitting in the central top row of a place like this:

      The biggest contrasts with the image is that there was nothing in the field (but a big central screen hanging from above) and, it was a smaller arena. In the screen I saw the image of a martial artist girl wearing a kimono and throwing a big kick in the air. When she appeared I also heard a male voice announce "The first contestant is a judoka from Japan (bla bla bla)". So they are going to fight, sweet. I immediately just stretched my arm to the side and was expecting to manifest someone bringing me some popcorn to snack while I watch some of the action before acting myself, when... my alarm went off
      and I obviously woke up.

      01/07/2013 - DILD (DF)

      My memory is very fuzzy regarding the details of this piece of fun because I didn't record it immediately due to the nasty back pains that have been bothering me from dawn to dusk for a couple of days. It just got way better today.

      I was in some busy street and it occurred me to do a reality check and I was lucid. I remember aimlessly but nicely spending some time jumping from place to place in the scenario before deciding to have a go at some fine Miss in the middle of the street. I can't exactly remember how she looked like but I know she was very fine, then... I saw some other one I liked and got her on top of a small structure in a central place. We made out and all the action was very good sensually, very vivid and also felt quite dirty in the middle of a dream busy street.

      While we were having fun, just to our side, down in the ground was Bruna (a middle school classmate I had who was fairly attractive but I didn't care much for her most of time, wonder why she was there) talking to another person, so I thought "hey why not?". She aged normally btw.

      So I was going to pick her up when I realized she was not only talking but making out with a girl that was just my type. Dark black hair, snow white skin, glasses and beautifully shaped curves. I thought it might as well be more exciting to steal the lady away from Bruna. I come down to pick her up and as I do she wraps her legs around my waist and we go up there and have some really good fun.

      Somewhere between all this playing with the ladies I remember trying and enhancing the dream which certainly happened, this was nothing but intense.

      I also had some interesting non-SP HH chat but this is way too long already. Certainly more to come, see you next time.
    4. Introduction / Short LD

      by , 06-20-2013 at 01:57 AM (Streaming My Utopia)
      This is my first DJ entry so I just want to make a couple of introductory notes regarding it. First, this will be a lucidity only journal (unless an extremeely memorable NLD comes up). Second, this is a no holds barred journal meaning that everything from sex to violence and wicked behavior will be (properly) shared here should they cross my playground, god forbid they do.
      Third, you are all welcome here if you want to kill a little time!

      Okay so to my first lucid dream since my last comeback to dream training and taking some time to exclusively build up decent recall.

      09/06/2013 - DILD

      I was at the beach with a group of guys that I know, we were sit down close to the sea just relaxing and chatting, each of us was messing around with some sort of smartphone, waves coming to our legs and then going back as they naturally do. I spotted a small increase in the size of a wave forming and exaggerated it a little bit in my mind thinking it was gonna catch us, it just did and now people's phones were wet and their owners pissed.
      The dream skips (or my memory does) and I'm just walking around the beach alone. It now seemed more obviously like the beach of an island with exotic vegetation around and all the pretty sights. I was sort of jumping and leaping in the air and I looked at the view and it was really intense and pretty, I spontaneously became lucid. I got excited, this was my first LD recalled in quite a while but still pretty calm and collected, "good to be back". Like I always do by default (I'm now changing that) I started simply trying to take short flights and big jumps, I took off once and I decided to take a good leap (regardless of my waking life mild fear of heights) and I did but suddenly I was flying close to ground level again, what? I immediately attributed this to my anxiety which has frequently cut my flights short both in height and duration but this time I said "f*** it, I'm gonna go and I'm gonna go high", I did for good this time. I was at the level of the top of a small stone tower (still high by my standards but nowhere near "big city heights") and just as I got there I decided to go on top of it so I put out my hands spiderman style and intended to shout some webs and pull myself there, even though I didn't see any web I got there that way.
      While on top of the tower I was feeling a bit like "lion king" in my fairly effortless comeback to my dream world so I decided to shout into the air a big, resounding and powerful "fus ro dah" which would shake the whole dream, it didn't, what it did shook was myself making me slightly afraid of falling down. How ridiculous LOL
      So what I did was I crouched like spiderman with the intention of getting my hands stuck to the floor with "my web substance" to ground myself and safely shake the scenario! As I opened my mouth and inhaled for the biggest thunderous shout ever I.....
      woke up.

      More to come xD
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