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    Introduction / Short LD

    by , 06-20-2013 at 01:57 AM (836 Views)
    This is my first DJ entry so I just want to make a couple of introductory notes regarding it. First, this will be a lucidity only journal (unless an extremeely memorable NLD comes up). Second, this is a no holds barred journal meaning that everything from sex to violence and wicked behavior will be (properly) shared here should they cross my playground, god forbid they do.
    Third, you are all welcome here if you want to kill a little time!

    Okay so to my first lucid dream since my last comeback to dream training and taking some time to exclusively build up decent recall.

    09/06/2013 - DILD

    I was at the beach with a group of guys that I know, we were sit down close to the sea just relaxing and chatting, each of us was messing around with some sort of smartphone, waves coming to our legs and then going back as they naturally do. I spotted a small increase in the size of a wave forming and exaggerated it a little bit in my mind thinking it was gonna catch us, it just did and now people's phones were wet and their owners pissed.
    The dream skips (or my memory does) and I'm just walking around the beach alone. It now seemed more obviously like the beach of an island with exotic vegetation around and all the pretty sights. I was sort of jumping and leaping in the air and I looked at the view and it was really intense and pretty, I spontaneously became lucid. I got excited, this was my first LD recalled in quite a while but still pretty calm and collected, "good to be back". Like I always do by default (I'm now changing that) I started simply trying to take short flights and big jumps, I took off once and I decided to take a good leap (regardless of my waking life mild fear of heights) and I did but suddenly I was flying close to ground level again, what? I immediately attributed this to my anxiety which has frequently cut my flights short both in height and duration but this time I said "f*** it, I'm gonna go and I'm gonna go high", I did for good this time. I was at the level of the top of a small stone tower (still high by my standards but nowhere near "big city heights") and just as I got there I decided to go on top of it so I put out my hands spiderman style and intended to shout some webs and pull myself there, even though I didn't see any web I got there that way.
    While on top of the tower I was feeling a bit like "lion king" in my fairly effortless comeback to my dream world so I decided to shout into the air a big, resounding and powerful "fus ro dah" which would shake the whole dream, it didn't, what it did shook was myself making me slightly afraid of falling down. How ridiculous LOL
    So what I did was I crouched like spiderman with the intention of getting my hands stuck to the floor with "my web substance" to ground myself and safely shake the scenario! As I opened my mouth and inhaled for the biggest thunderous shout ever I.....
    woke up.

    More to come xD
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    1. Viperex's Avatar

      I am yet to have my first proper lucid dream. (had a dild but woke up instantly )

      What method were you using to induce the lucid dream?
    2. Micael's Avatar
      At this point I really wasn't using any method I think, I was just recording dreams to build up my recall and start aiming for lucids with some ground beneath my feet. Recall is vital.

      I might have been doing a couple RC's here and there but nothing major, I think this one was a natural result of previous practice.

      Keep your hopes up, don't get too much expectation going but believe in yourself... soon with the right kind and amount of dedicated work you will be amazed at how easy it is to have a lucid here and there, then, you just have to escalate that.

      Check out some guides from the veterans around the community if you haven't, there's a lot of great ones around. Don't forget KingYoshi he is very, very skilled and has a lot of material around here.