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    Shapeshifting my Way To Lucidity

    by , 07-30-2013 at 02:49 PM (566 Views)
    On a quick starting note I want to register the different approach I will be taking to my DJ. I wanted it to be about the cool adventures and accomplishments I end up having in my lucids making for a mostly entertaining reading experience, because of that I haven't been recording most of my lucids. From now on, every lucid I have will eventually be here, unless of course it involves something I'm not comfortable sharing.

    Moving on

    30/07/2013 - DILD

    I was walking with another guy who like me was a shapeshifter, we were aware of a group of men following us and we decided to make a run for it. They catched up to us and grabbed the guy that was with me, he could shift into a wolf and they wanted him to run with them (similar to the concept of shifters in True Blood), they were bad news and we didn't want nothing to do with them so I told him to escape first, I would divert them and when it was time for me to go I would use my ability to loose them.

    I ran but they easily catched up to me everytime. At some point I faked falling and even let out a little scream to make my point more convincing. When they got down on the ground to pick me up and make their capture I quickly ran away thinking about how I would make my shift happen. I just remembered "If I stay calm, have no doubt and just move accordingly I will shift easily". In a fraction of a second I took a little jump into the air and instantly shifted into an owl, from running to flying, no breaks.

    I landed on the top of a building of the pretty village I was in. Due to the nature of events, I was lucid. The scenary around me had a very blue feeling and appearence to it, mostly due to all the rooftops of the many houses around being that colour. There wasn't a single soul to be seen on the streets (get it?).

    I decided to stabilize. I looked at my hands throughly, they looked mostly normal and along with the scenario they increased in detail and vividness as I inspected them. While I did this I was making affirmations like "Clarity now. I anchor myself to lucidity and the dream". I was satisfied with the feel and added details of the dream but I suddently started to feel like some "wind-like" force was shaking me a little bit back and forth on the top of the building, since it wasn't really windy I wondered what that could be. I would soon find out since...
    It was precisely 5:30 am and my alarm was waking me up to go to work.

    Sweet dreams!
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