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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. Those experiences that can make your brain stand up and walk away

      by , 08-03-2020 at 12:04 PM
      Last night in late evening I was viewing Dreamviews on my phone, something happen that literally can spook you for life, there wasn't any visible lapses of consciousness, I wasn't even sleepy.

      While I reading some of the threads I hear a loud bang, which make me drop my phone on the floor, I stand up and look around, the second bang from the direction of my front door increase my pulse considerably, I told to my wife to wake up, because somebody maybe is trying to break into our house, but she wasn't waking up at all, the third bang make lose ground under my feet and I fall on the ground, when I look up I felt like this is the first time I'm seeing this room.(if you ever witnessed your room from angle that you didn't normally witness, you can have the same feeling) I sense a breeze of cold air running at my back, my room door has opened from air current coming from my front door. While still on the floor I look back and I saw that my front door is slightly open(I have direct line of vision). I stand up and shake my wife to stand up, telling her that somebody just broke into our house, but she refuse to wake up. I heard a footsteps behind me and I was about to turn around I felt a sharp pain in my back, somebody hit me hard, I was on the ground again, I try to reach my wife, but somebody was standing behind me, I thought deep inside me "this is it, is over"(my pulse was racing), his breathing was loud, I try to turn around and see who is, but felt a sharp pain in my head and black out only to wake up here fully paralyzed, I was still holding my phone, thank god it was just a FA, while breaking from the SP.
      false awakening
    2. Chain of over dozens FA during ten minutes of power nap - Shit got Real

      by , 08-03-2020 at 11:50 AM
      Over dozen false awakening during a power nap, leading to a spiral of madness. First person narrative.

      I'm starting my usual power nap, but my eye is getting itchy, I scratch it, but it is uncomfortable, so I stand up and look myself in the mirror, my eye is red and swollen, an allergic reaction but why, I cannot breath and I'm calling my wife, she is here and she have the shot, but why her arms are very long, honey what is happening, you are scarring me, "eVeryThing is fiNe dEar", she is suffocating me with her snake like arms,"yOu wiLl be fine dEar". This is not real, I must wake up.... I am in my bed again, ahh what a dream, honey those FA are damn scary, do you hear me honey, she standing in the middle of the room, what is wrong honey - I touch her shoulder, she turn and her eyes are black, I feel a sharp pain, she is holding a knife, blood is dripping from it. Why honey, why do you stab me, "tO maKe yOu betTer DeaR", she continues to stab me, five six seven, pain too much pain, this is not real, must wake up. I'm in my bed again, fuck I hate chain of FA's, I jump from bed, but there is not floor, I'm falling and falling and hit the bottom ohhh sharp pain, I'm in my bed again, I must end this chain so I make RC's, it seems I'm awake and everything is normal, I am going to wash my face, but my reflection look distorted, my reflection reach his hands and start suffocating me, I can't breathe, so painful, he is too strong, I die....

      Only to wake up on a bench outside at the bus station, maybe I fall asleep without noticing, a car pass in front of me, then behind me, what is happening here, I'm seeing the next car, it doesn't have a rear end, only two fronts, this is not real, I'm dreaming surely....a sharp pain, I'm on the ground, a car run over me, wait stop I yelled, but another car hit me, I wake up in my bed, my wife was over me, "dEar, aRe yOu wAnt thiS to End", I shake my head, "TheN pleAse DiE", she started to strangle me. I wake up in my bed again, only to see a giant spider on top of me, he bite me to dead. I wake up in my bed again while screaming 'stop already', a little girl was sitting on my bed "bUt wE juSt bEgin to haVe fUn", while drawing a chainsaw from thin air.......aaaAaaaAa...I wake up for real.

      Damn, shit totally hit the fan!
      false awakening