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    Bear Chase and Attack

    by , 10-26-2015 at 04:59 AM (293 Views)

    This is the end of part of a longer dream. I am being chased by a large bear. I am trying to run as fast as I can but my limbs feel heavy and un-coordinated. I think perhaps it is the shoes I am wearing but I have no time to take them off. The bear is getting closer and closer...

    Before he gets to me I have the perception of what it is going to be like when he reaches me. But part of me still doesn't think that will happen.
    And then it does happen - the bear is upon me and I feel his claws sink through my back into my torso, I feel the pain. I don't lose consciousness straight away however as I thought I would, instead, I realise that I am going to remain conscious for a little while longer, and that in the most disturbing reality ever, experience myself being torn apart.

    I wake up then and realise that the experience is something that many consciousnesses experience throughout time and that as horrifying as it seems, it is also just an experience

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    non-lucid , memorable