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    1. Lucid while Flying

      by , 09-25-2015 at 04:24 AM
      I only remember fragments of this dream, but with a clear lucid moment.

      I am preparing to fly and have one arm reaching up overhead and one by my side like superman. I am thinking something along the lines of maybe this will work better since I usually I can't fly in dreams (this must have planted a awareness seed).

      missing fragment?

      I am floating high up in the sky, flying towards a castle/building on-top of a mountain in the distance. I think to myself "This is a lucid dream" but only half believe it, but that thought itself works - my perception then changes, with the shift to lucidity - the lucid moment happens so fast I can barely take anything in, but I feel the wind and cold air around me, and the floating sense of being suspended high in the sky. Then I think with absolute certainty, "Ok Yes, I am 100% sure I am having a lucid dream now!"

      I take a turn, (not sure why) thinking I will practice flying, but then I lose my balance, and start to fall.

      And just like that, no more lucidity