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    Firework viewing from a Castle

    by , 11-26-2015 at 01:59 PM (249 Views)

    I am making my way towards a 'light show' where there will be fireworks. To get there I go to a local shopping centre. I can't find where the show is and I'm getting panicked because it is starting soon and I'm also supposed to be meeting D.
    Then I notice a tiny little sticker saying "light show this way" with a picture of fireworks. I enter a door and inside is a hidden windy staircase that spirals up the inside of the tower. From the outside it looks just like part of the shopping centre, but from the inside it looks so completely different that I get the feeling most people don't know about this place.

    Inside is cold, damp stone, as I climb with anticipation, higher and higher until I come to the top of this medieval style tower. It is a warm summer night, but a little bit cool because of the wind so high up. There is a huge full moon, and as the firework starts, D is there and a bunch of other happy people and it is perfect and beautiful, as if the height has managed to create a bubble away from the real world where you can just be part of the colours and sounds and sensations.

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    non-lucid , memorable