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    1. Tibetan Monks and Gladiators

      by , 02-28-2012 at 09:50 PM
      We arrive in Tibet (which I know next to nothing about, and the stuff my mind came up with ranges from wildly inaccurate to patently absurd). It is still like the world was in the time of Jesus. Everyone is very poor. I talk to one of the monks in the orange robes. I want to ask him about lucid dreaming, but there are other things to talk about first, and I let him steer the conversation. He talks about how their language, French, used to be the most widely used language, and now they are side-lined as English has taken its palce. I tell him I know I am simply lucky that my language is the widely used one. He tells me I have many years to learn other languages. I tell him about how I am trying to learn German.

      There are all these quarters on the ground. I pick one up, but I get the feeling that I wasn't supposed to, so I put it back down later. Then I pick up another one later. I see the monks periodically placing them on the ground. Er... oops. I really was not supposed to do that. I try to sneakily place the quarter back on the ground, but the monk I've been talking to catches me. He yells at me, saying that picking up the quarters is very wrong, causing a curse that can hurt or kill people. He made that mistake when he was younger, and people died. I'm really sorry. I didn't know. I won't do it again.

      We walk. Pretty much all of the people here besides the monks are old, poor, French-speaking women, and all the monks are men. I don't see any children, although I think there are a couple other tourists, like me. The monks provide the old women with aid and advice, where they can. The monk follows me into a room, probably on a boat. I am looking at a barbecue pork recipe on the wall, while eating a piece of barbecue chicken with my hands. He asks me what it is, and I tell him.

      Outside again, the monk kisses me on the forehead. This feels very weird, and I am not comfortable with this at all.

      In the night, we are woken by a loud noise. We get up to go check it out. It was just a loud machine, though. The monk talks to one of the women in French. I get separated from him somewhere along the way. I'm using my cell phone for light, where there are not other lights. I'm in the living room of my old house now. I see my mom. She jumps onto the fireplace, climbing up the brick in a way that seems creepily inhuman. On the mantelpiece above the fireplace, there are two statues. There are supposed to be four. My 'mom' takes one of the remaining statues, leering at me. She is not supposed to do that. The monks will be mad. That's much worse than when I picked up the quarters, and she is doing it on purpose! I throw my phone at her.

      I wake up. It's 4:15 am. At first I just jot down some notes, but that dream was so cool/weird that I decide to write it all out in the middle of the night instead of waiting for the morning.

      There's a large well. I am Ian, and the Doctor and possibly Barabara are here, too (from Doctor Who). I dropped the ring down the well, but I need to get it back. There is some sort of sprite/spirit in the well, controlling the water. First the water level goes down, then it goes back up. I dive into the water to retrieve the ring and am sucked down into a hole at the bottom of the well.

      I'm travelling with a partner. We're in a shop. I buy a floppy hat. We leave the shop, which is just one small part of a bigger place. For some reason, we're signing up to fight in a gladiatorial event. The line for it is very long and slow. This place has the atmosphere of a casino. It's confusing when I finally get to the front of the line. There's a teller open, but I'm not sure I can use that one. There are signs, but somehow that just confuses me even more. Are fighters supposed to only sign up at the particular teller? I end up using the same one my friend did, after he is done. The person there thinks I am someone she knows, named Rita. I play along. Half my information (address, name, etc.) is fake anyways. I probably wouldn't get through this with a teller who didn't 'know' me. I'm nervous about being discovered, though, but eventually I am done signing up, and I get my 'lotto' tickets that I can use if I survive.

      It's night. The fight will be tomorrow. The guy who runs this place is evil. I find stairs going up, but when I get to the top, there is nothing there. I guess it will lead somewhere once they're finished setting up. I go back down.

      I put on the floppy hat I bought earlier. It takes me a while to get all the plastic tag bits off of it. I'm with the other gladiators. I encourage them to rebel. When the staff comes along, I attack them (oddly, just this one scene is in third person). I get completely piled on, but when the others start fighting, too, I get a chance to escape.

      I walk through the fire escape door, deliberately and without hesitation, even though I know I will probably be caught quickly, since these things are well guarded. The fire alarm goes off, and I step out into a corridor. The guard outside the door seems to know me. He asks how some plot I'm supposed to know about is going. I don't know what to say, but I'm not worried about that right now. I'm looking for a door that actually leads outside. I find an office, instead. I turn around and try going the other way. I find the door that actually leads outside and I start walking along the street, eager to get away. The guard is following me like some sort of puppy, complaining about how tired he is because he didn't get any sleep last night. I tell him he wouldn't have gotten any rest if he had stayed on guard duty anyway.
    2. She's Dangerous and Paradoxically Naive

      by , 02-22-2012 at 05:57 AM
      I remembered a lot of details about my dream, and I wrote them down when I woke up a couple hours earlier than usual. Then I went back to sleep, but when I woke up later, my journal was blank (it's kind of ridiculous how often this happens- I'd have so many lucids if I could just remember to RC while I'm 'journaling' in the morning). I remembered the dream I had just before I woke, though, even if don't remember anything about the one I thought I wrote down.

      This area seems to have several groups in conflict. I am not sure which side, if any, we are on. Mostly just trying to survive, I guess.

      She's not really human, although she can talk and stuff. She's... a pet. She killed someone. She wasn't supposed to. Then she tried to hide it, but I found out. She killed him in his bed, and now she doesn't want to go near any bed, so she won't sleep. She does some dangerous stuff with the microwave, almost starting a fire. She set the microwave timer for way too long, and she doesn't know to keep certain materials, like metal, out of microwaves. I catch it in time though, and take the stuff out of the microwave.

      I'm microwaving a pot pie. There's another one, already cooked. After it's done in the microwave, I'm fiddling with the crust. There are slight burnt spots and undercooked spots, so I'm trying to take those bits out. My friend's dog is on the counter. I tell him not to eat the pies, not that it's going to do any good. It's really awkward for me to try to keep the dog out of the pies while I've got my hand full of gooey crust bits that I picked off the pie. I pick up the dog and put him on the ground.

      'She' has to be taught so many basic things. I'm looking at some cookware to get her for her own place, but I'm not sure what to get because she is so bad with microwaves. I find some socks at the store like a special pair my friend has, that look like monster feet. They're sized small. I try them on. They feel like they'll fall off at any moment. Some crafty person at the store adds beads to something I had. She talks about how she does this simple modification with inexpensive beads, but people find it impressive, so it sells really well.

      We're trying to get on the bus. We almost miss it, and it's moving as we get on and try to find seats. We show something to the other passengers... books? The guy I'm with... it feels like we are 'her' parents or something similar.

      Someone says they've never seen "Let the Right One In". We put it on the tv. I explain how it is an awesome movie, but they'll have to put up with the subtitles because it's in Swedish. The first scene is very vivid. In fact, it's more like I'm in the scene than watching it on a screen. Some kids are running around in the village.
    3. In Which I Have a Mighty Fine Hat

      by , 02-18-2012 at 08:14 PM
      I'm going to my friend's house. I have a small flat box containing a piece of furniture that I bought for myself, but it was my friend's birthday recently, and I feel guilty about not getting him a present. I realize he would like this furniture, so I give it to him. See, their old comfy chair broke, and the furniture I got is a recliner. It's kind of cheap though. I'm worried it won't be sturdy. It turns out to be a very comfy, squashy blue recliner, and my friend likes it. We rearrange the furniture to make room for it.

      I'm playing Minecraft with a friend. We're at the surface, and there is a gap leading down into a cave. We put ladders and torches on the edges (it's a vertical drop down into the cave). We also put burning rope (it's a sweet new light source). I want to play with this burning rope stuff because it's new. I walk onto the hole with the ladder, so I'll drop slowly down, and then I hang onto the burning rope by pressing shift. I hang from the rope for a few moments, but then I lose my grip and fall into the cave below.

      There are a lot of bookshelves here. We quickly place torches throughout the room. I go down a tunnel to explore alone. I am attacked by skeletons. I defeat them with some difficulty. I realize my health is extremely low. More skeletons attack. I fight cautiously, retreating. I make it back to the main room with the bookshelves, but the skeleton is still on my tail. I weave in and out of the bookshelves, now running more than fighting. The skeleton charges at me. I can't run fast enough. I die. I respawn nearby and hurry back to collect my stuff.

      I'm riding the trains, but I end up somewhere I didn't want to be. I get on the train going back the other way and go back a station.

      I have a mighty fine hat. It's brown with a wide brim and has a string under my chin so I can slide it back and it will rest on my back. I somehow know that Minecraft mechanics are (still) in place, but not everything is cubes. These people are building a submarine with shopping carts and chairs. They start by digging out a few cubes of dirt, and putting some lava in the hole. Now they're building the craft on top of that. They're going to add on a 'candy chair', so I'll have a place to sit. Apparently it's really cute. I'm a little apprehensive of something that cute- it might end up being pink and kiddy and horrible. I wonder how we are going to be able to breathe underwater in this contraption, but I figure it must just take advantage of some sort of glitch.

      I'm putting my backpack in one of the spaces for luggage at the back of this 'submarine'. My backpack is pretty full, but it's squishy, too. It takes a bit of fiddling to get my backpack in the luggage space, but I manage it. We've started moving while I was busy with the luggage. I'm stuck hanging onto the back instead of having an actual seat. A woman and the kid are sitting in the shopping cart shaped main area of the 'sub'. Another woman is hanging off the side and steering. There's an extra chair hanging off the other side that unbalances the craft a little.

      We're moving at high speed over land and little ponds. Presumably we are going to go underwater when we reach the river. I'm looking forward to seeing how it works (although I'm a little afraid the answer will be 'it doesnt'). But I wake up before we reach the river. I'm so disappointed we didn't get to go underwater.
    4. We're Just Going for a Walk. Really.

      by , 02-18-2012 at 07:05 PM
      There are some little kids using a slide at a playground. The unpopular ones get teased.

      I finally see a doctor. He says I have lung cancer advanced 10 months. That's just lovely.

      I'm at my grandparents' house (they're different people than my real grandparents, but I won't realize that until I wake up). I have a boyfriend. I'm pretty sure it's a guy, anyway, because the grandparents want us staying in separate rooms (I often don't remember the gender of DC's). My boyfriend finds out that I am a virgin and insists I must have sex because it is amazing. I'm not too sure about this, but I go along for now. We cannot, of course, risk being caught by the grandparents. We are going to head to a place where we can experiment without being caught. I'm not at all sure about this intercourse thing because of the risks (pregnancy, etc.). I guess we could just, er, play around?

      We're outside, walking toward the other building. It is up a steep, curving dirt slope. Like spiral staircase curving. There are a lot of trees around, mostly pines. We walk for some time. There may have been other people at some point. I'm really quite uncomfortable with what we're going to do. The other building had only a few rooms, and I don't think the lock on the bedroom door works. I've been telling my boyfriend for a while now that I want to turn back. I'm afraid of being caught. I am hurt, somehow, emotionally or physically. I don't quite remember. I don't think it was intentional. We turn back. There is some sort of ride or fall.

      I woke up an hour earlier than usual, so I decide to try to sleep some more after writing down my dreams so far. I have a vague idea that I could try a WILD if I am actually tired enough to fall back asleep, but I don't really make much effort.

      Two guys are coming out of the woods. There is a lot of snow. They're stuck above some railing, at the edge of a relatively short dropoff above a road. One asks for help getting down. Someone below helps him down, but too far. He does a faceplant on the road below and is run over before he can get up. The second guy is terrified and does not want 'help'.

      I'm in a strange bathroom. It's small and awkward and dirty. I give up trying to use it. I vaguely remember something about my mom, like she was in the same building.

      I am a magic-using shape-shifter named Simon (usually I just look human so as not to scare people though). We're fighting against some bad, evil stuff, including some black dragons. I have an older-mentor friend who is a shape-shifter like me. Everyone else (except maybe that one kid) is human though. Later, the humans trap and bind me, preventing me from using my special powers. I am miserable and resentful, being kept prisoner. And I think that mentor-guy may have betrayed me somehow.

      I took notes about my dreams, so I'm not worried about writing down the whole thing right away, as I'm lying in bed after waking. Then I look over at my journal, and it's blank. I really need to learn to RC every time I write in my journal...
    5. Annoying Guests

      by , 02-12-2012 at 04:19 AM
      I'm at my old house. I get into a secret room in this Atlantis video game. I'm trying to tell M about it. A guy is over here, and a van full of his friends arrives. I'm in my bedroom with him and a couple that came in the van. He makes fun of the bedspread with hearts and asks me how old I am. I tell him. I feel embarrassed.

      I'm in the backyard, now. A guy approaches me. He looks at me funny. I think he's drunk. I back away. He barfs on me. I scream. It gets everywhere, even in my mouth. Disgusting. I need to be clean.

      I find a package in my room and open it, thinking it must be a present for me. It's Magic: the Gathering cards. I got a present for someone else?
    6. Fragments

      by , 02-12-2012 at 04:09 AM
      No one else wants ice cream, but I do. I'm eating at a restaurant with D and people.

      There's some sort of lab experiment. I'm taking a test with a 40 minute time limit. It's 40 minutes on the stopwatch, and I still haven't quite finished. I hurriedly answer the last few questions that I can. It's 50 or 51 minutes on the stopwatch. I go to turn it in. Chris or someone is there

      I'm playing a video game.

      I take a kid's phone. It's set up for a particular game. The phone looks identical to mine.

      I'm listening to music, going through songs.
    7. Televised Deathmatch with Lava

      by , 02-12-2012 at 04:01 AM
      I'm trying to tunnel through the nether (in Minecraft), but of course there is lava and difficult terrain (but no mobs that I recall). I am scarily close to the lava at times. Eventually the exploration turns into a deathmatch with other players. I'm doing really well. It's down to three players. We make it out the portal, instead of finishing each other off. It's televised. My mom was watching it. I brag to her that I got third place, and my friend got second. I show her how the controller works with the tv. I want to keep playing, but the show is over.

      I go outside and catch the bus. It's going into an area I don't need to go to. I check the number. It's the 73. I decide to stay on until it goes somewhere useful. There's a guy and his sister on the bus. He says something about her boyfriend. They get off. I have an item called Walt's Salt. It doesn't really look like salt. It's a tiny yellow sphere with green strands coming out of one end. I should probably give it back to Walt (whoever Walt is).
      Tags: bus, fight, lava, minecraft
    8. But I Wanted to Go to Hawaii

      by , 02-12-2012 at 03:38 AM
      Something about a 2D video game.

      I'm travelling along roads/highways with only a backpack. I was with a guy, but I stayed at the political talk when he left. He kept taking pictures of everything, including a group of veiled Muslim women who didn't want to be identified as having been there. I deleted that one. After he left, I moved to a different seat (I was going to ask the Muslim women something, but then it was time for the next talk to start, so I sat where I was). Then I won something. A choice of trip to Hawaii or other places. I wanted Hawaii, but we went somewhere else.

      On the trip, a convenience store person sells me a fake ID, and I get in a fight with the guy in the line.
    9. The Secret Room

      by , 02-12-2012 at 03:24 AM
      I'm playing Sonic the Hedgehog II. I know I used to be able to do the first level in about 15 seconds, but its taking forever.

      I'm working for this guy. There's a baby I'm trying to protect. The government would kill it if they found it. There are two others working for the guy, one male, one female. The room(s) we're in is quite crowded. I am male, dressed in black, and I think I have a sword. The setting is medieval.

      I go out looking for a new place. I find someone who tells me there's a good, hidden room above the gate, but for some reason its not available. Then he shows me a small house that has a secret basement. There are three hidden entrances: a grate just outside the house, a hidden trapdoor in the bedroom, and a secret panel in the back of the freezer (problematic, as we have a hard time keeping the freezer clear). Behind the freezer there's a netting thing, which when moved goes to a narrow opening and then down. I take the house.

      We move in and spend some time trying to make the house part look lived in, and distract from the secret room. In the bedroom, there's a bed and couch. The bedsheets are blue, so I put blue pillows on the couch to match.

      Later, I'm Vaarsuvius (from The Order of the Stick), and I'm fighting Xykon, who's just decided to move into the house. I inevitably lose and run away. I'm in bad shape and collapse on the couch. Xykon follows. The secret room is discovered. The man in black comes out and attacks Xykon with a sword, but, of course, swords don't do much against a skeleton. I tell him to try smashing, rather than cutting, the skeleton. That damn goblin is there, too.

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    10. Weird Fragments

      by , 02-12-2012 at 03:11 AM
      I'm trying to figure out how to climb onto the ship. It's not easy. I do a lot of climbing on ladders and lifeboats. It's a big wooden ship with sails.

      I do the ritual to become clan leader. Now I have fur all over my face, like the other cat people. The other guy says he'd been planning to become clan leader and is disappointed, but he never did anything about it.

      There's a funeral. I'm sitting at a table with half a dozen people. M is missing. I go look for him. It's a university. I saw him a minute ago, but I can't find him, just the crowd of students going by. I'm in the library or a computer lounge. I do an assignment for M, involving finding pictures of things online, but I can't figure out how to save it or turn it in, so I just log out and lose the work. My music has been playing loudly. I just now realize it probably is bothering others. It's Japanese pop.

      I'm in a greenhouse sort of building. There's not a bunch of plants, but it's all glass and curves at the top. There are other students here. A guy comes in and tells us its the soap that's been causing the itching thing. He talks about something by gender, including trans as a category.
    11. The Bookstore Heist

      by , 02-11-2012 at 07:25 AM
      I have certain special abilities, and she knows it. That's why she tricks me into standing on the trapdoor when she opens it.

      It's dark down here. I explore. There are several rooms. There's a man and a child. The child is somehow my responsibility, and she is feeling sick. She has a headache or something, and she wants to take a tylenol. However, she's only about two years old, and that's below the ages it says on the bottle, so there's not really anything I can do to help. She has relatively short curly blond hair. She wants to have long hair.

      I'm trying to order pizza for us. I want sausage and garlic, but the guy wants sausage and powdered sugar. The device for ordering pizza is in a side room. It's basically a newspaper, and you indicate your order by flipping the pages a certain way. I can't find what I'm looking for in it. One of the pizza places I find, we can't order from, because they would have to drive through 7 countries to reach us. The pizza would be cold, even if it made it through customs.

      I'm in a bookstore. A group of police types is trying to catch me. I'm wearing a bright orange gas mask that just covers my mouth and nose. I use knockout gas. It disables the store patrons, but the police have gas masks too. Their masks cover their entire faces and are solid black except for clear stuff over their eyes so they can see. All these gas masks are a bit awkward and reduce a person's field of vision.

      I'm running around. I knock over one of the bookcases. I find a way out. There is a shaft going down. A chair is in the way, though. I knock it into the shaft and it falls (I never hear it land). There's a rope there (which I left, of course), that I hang onto for safety while I climb down these shelf things. Eventually, I reach the bottom of the shaft. There's another little bookstore here. It's still dangerous for me, but there are only patrons and clerks here at the moment. They are no problem for me. I steal two giant Christmas cookies and eat them while looking for a place to hide.

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    12. Secret Passageways and Evil Dragons

      by , 12-02-2011 at 09:24 AM
      There is a very strange vending machine. It has normal things like packaged food, as well as clothing on racks that are somehow attached to the machine, and other strange things. I put some coins in the machine to buy something, but the numbers indicating the amount I put in keep skipping around oddly. I get my coins back out and it's a different number of coins. I try this two or three times with similar results.

      I am outside, in an area with a fence and a light brown colored building or garage. I get in a fight with someone/thing. I have a summoned creature servant thingy. It looks sort of like a large animal, and then I imbue it with some sort of blue energy. It's much larger now and has a vaguely human shape and rippling bluish stuff on its exterior. I think I at least didn't lose the fight.

      I am somewhere snowy in the wilderness. A group of people are trying to take a very sick boy to a lady who can help him. The father stayed behind. He is no friend of hers. The child is accidentally left behind. I pick him up and go the rest of the way. The lady wants to know why she should help this child. I tell her he is the child of her enemy, not sure if that will help or make things worse. She might heal him just to keep him hostage.

      I'm in my room. Some powder (possibly lemonade mix) got spilled on the floor and on my bed by the pillow. I try to clean it up, at least brushing the stuff off my bed, so I can sleep. I sleep in that bed at least two times while I am there.

      I'm looking at the map of the world. The blue dots are fortresses. J is telling me where I ought to explore, mostly pointing at the blue dots.

      I'm to leave the castle soon, for the exploration mission. I'm in my room, and I'm supposed to be packing my things. Instead I take a look around. In an alcove, there is a glass shelf sticking out of the wall a couple feet above the floor. The edge of the shelf has a gradual curve to it. Underneath the shelf is a sort of white statue (possibly of a cherub), that also looks like it might be a drawer. The bellybutton looks like it could be pushed. It's too awkward to reach under the glass shelf with my hand, so I push the button with my foot, half expecting the statue/drawer thing to slide out. Instead, a trapdoor opens beneath me, and I fall.

      It's not too bad of a fall, but I can't get back up. I'm in a secret passageway. Cool. I go exploring. All the walls in this place (and probably the entire castle) are black.

      I come across a sort of downwards stair made of chairs (they have green seat cushions and curved wooden backs/armrests) leading down into a huge room. The chair stair is awkward but navigable, until I come to a chair that isn't quite placed right. I don't think I can reach the next lower chair without knocking the whole thing down. I am considering going back up, but my current position is quite precarious. I lean too far forward and the whole thing comes crashing down. I fall, but I'm ok.

      There are three black dragons down here, and they are neither nice nor happy about my presence. I have to fight them. I use the same summoned creature from earlier, again imbuing it with energy so that it looks like a giant furry humanoid with bluish stuff rippling on the surface. It's a good fighter and goes right after the dragons. I attack too, sword in hand. We prevail.

      I hesitate to kill the smaller, younger dragon with the purple eyes, after the others are dead. What if it isn't evil, like the others? It runs away and almost makes it to some kind of portal. I summon it back with some sort of shadow bind technique. I somehow know it is evil now, and kill it.

      One of the other people from the castle arrived sometime during this whole mess. She is a warrior, and she is the one who is to travel with me. She is in love with someone else at the castle.

      After I get back to the main castle, I read about the adventures in a book. It's different than how it happened. I try to reconcile this.

      I have to finish packing, to leave. The sleeping bag and pillow are already so bulky. How will I be able to take what I need without being excessively burdened?

      This is possibly the most detail in a dream I have ever remembered and then written.

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    13. Random

      by , 12-02-2011 at 07:07 AM
      I'm in the nether (in Minecraft), trying to build a path somewhere. I'm on a different level than everyone else. There aren't any ghasts.

      I'm riding the trains.

      There's a little rich girl who has been kidnapped and is being held for ransom. She is living in squalor and looks like a dirty street child. She is rescued by secret agents.

      The devil keeps trying to convince me to sell my soul. We have some interesting conversations, but I don't agree. I don't understand why the others took him up so readily.

      It's Halloween. There is a circle of black robed eeevil cultists. I'm in the circle. They ask to be dominated by the devil. I get weirded out and leave.

      A guy, possibly a teacher, is splitting us up into two groups. I'm not sure which group he meant me to join, so I just pick the one I want and talk about how I don't care what I was supposed to do. No one objects.

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    14. The Wonders of Living in a City

      by , 11-26-2011 at 09:39 AM
      I am working with a guy to unclog toilets. The plunger isn't working well. Also ew.

      We were tricked by some evil guy. We're working as a team trying to disable a bunch of atom bombs in the middle of a large city. There are dozens of video game cartridge shaped bombs (like the oooold Atari 7800 ones) covering the outside of a large metallic cube, which is taller than I am. I try taking the bombs off one by one, but there are just too many, and we are almost out of time. I drop a bunch of the bombs in the bay, but it's not good enough.

      I'm waiting at the train station, but the 'train' is just a single carriage with a seat on top that could hold two. I get on and hold tight to the handles. The rail is like in Minecraft and has glitches. The track goes through a solid block. I jump off, but the cart goes through. I manage to get back on afterwards.

      For some reason, I'm off the train before quite reaching the station. It's a major station, and there are a lot of lines crossing and going different directions. I try to navigate through to the right train and have to cross tracks. I get stuck between two tracks, with two trains going by me at the same time. Scary.

      At the station, I'm looking through the shop to buy something to make me feel better. My parents are there. They think I want them to pay. I really don't, and I feel guilty anyway.

      I get on another train. This one is a real train, but it's an old style, and there are tables and chairs like at a restaurant instead of proper seating. I remember something about an odd device. I sit in one of the chairs and drink from a glass of water (wait a second, was this someone else's glass? ick). I look out the window. A bunch of people made really impressive Minecraft-ish structures in real life. I stare and stare as the train passes by them. There are so many, so beautiful, so impressive. How could they accomplish so much in just 6 years?
    15. More Confusing Fragments

      by , 11-21-2011 at 05:54 AM
      I am sitting in a special advanced science class, even though I don't have the prerequisites. I talk to the teacher. Then I wander the halls. Something about being smart and helping with computers.

      There's an inn. It upgrades? This feels a bit like Legend of the Green Dragon. I have pot, and I just leave it lying out because I don't care about it much. Eventually, I realize this is a bad idea and look all over for a good hiding spot.

      There's a bus with a guy on a motorcycle guarding it, possibly a cop.

      A lady at the inn who had a necklace. She writes a forum post about why she is so unhappy. Her husband didn't like something. She is fat now. Her husband didn't want the thing she'd always wanted. Something about rats.
      Tags: bus, inn, school
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