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    by , 06-18-2020 at 02:46 PM (32 Views)
    Dream1: I was hanging out with Nelk and SteveWillDoIt. I was mostly taking to Steve. We were hanging out for a while and he seemed to like me so I asked him if we could do an interview and put it on youtube. He liked that idea. I asked if we could put 1 video on my channel and 1 on his. He said no he couldnt do that. Then I offered to just put it on his channel and he gives me a shoutout. He was donw for that. At one point I was chugging my water but it didnt really feel like I was drinking anything so I looked inside my bottle and there was a metal layer close to the cap. Thats why I couldnt drink, it was blocked. I then learned if I just tip it I can drink some water slowly.

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