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    At the climbing gym again

    by , 03-15-2020 at 02:56 AM (51 Views)
    These events are in no particular sequence

    I was at the climbing gym with my friends Evan and Matthew and I went up this blue route that didn't have a clear ending. I realized I had to reach over far to the right to get the last move. I grabbed the little piece of plastic that was the last hold and it broke off in my hand. I then realized the correct finishing move was just on the left side much closer. I showed my friends the broken piece.

    There was a trampolining area with lots of people watching. When it was my turn I tried to do a flip but my skills had significantly worsened, it felt like my balance was all fucked up. Almost like I had a 3-5 drinks

    I remember telling some staff that the gym was better off before renovations. Now there was so much non-climbing athletic stuff, it was an all-in-one gym basically when what I wanted was a climbing gym

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