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    by , 02-15-2020 at 06:49 PM (69 Views)
    Went to bed at 3:45AM.
    got out of bed at 12:45.
    Dream 1:
    It was a heavy winter day. I was at my home with my cousin maegan. She had a new BF with her and they were going sledding. They left and I went outside with them through the front window. After they left for the mountain I went back inside through the front window and the house was suddenly flooded. Surprisingly, my parents were very calm. There was at least and inch and a half of water on the main floor. I saw the water coming in through the floorboards. I went upstairs and it was just as flooded. I hung up my sweater in my room and saw my dog lying down in the water. She usually hates the water. She got up and followed me to the bathroom where my parents were. I then went downstairs and it actually wasnt as flooded down there. Some water right where the stairs end but when I checked the storage closet which was even lower, there was no water accumulation there. The basement Tv room was also dry, and my dog was there now also dry.

    I wrote a couple tags in a DJ in my dream

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