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    Fragments from last night(NLD)

    by , 01-30-2020 at 06:36 PM (54 Views)
    Before bed, I recalled the events of my day. Mind wandered many times haha I must stay more concentrated. Did a LD prayer in bed then fell asleep. I also opened my blinds because apparently a light environment i good for LDing! Thanks Lang for directing me to the recall compendium
    Fell asleep at 1:30AM.
    Woke up at 6:30AM, no recall, forgot to attempt FILD
    Woke up at 7:30AM, wrote down tags from dream I was in. Forgot to attempt FILD again
    Woke up at 9AM, no recall. Then fell asleep and woke up again multiple times until 11:30. Had recall once during a wakeup but spent too much time lying there trying to recall more and fell back asleep.
    tags: Dawson elevators, coins for greeting, seeing people in halls, elevators not working properly, Really pretty girl looking flirty at me in the elevator

    I cant remember the events sequentially.

    Dream 1:
    I was at Dawson college again in my dream. In a (fictional) area with lots of seats, my sister, her boyfriend and their friends were sitting down talking. As I passed by (I was almost late for a test) I greeted my sister and her boyfriend. Everyone had a double digit number floating next to them with a coin symbol. When I touched them to greet them, there was like a coin getting animation. A few coins flew up from the symbol and disappeared along with the symbol and I knew that I had just received them.

    Still at Dawson, I had to take some elevators to get around. The elevator system turned out to be soooo much more complex than it is. There elevators would leave the building, get carried along a cable system above the buildings and get transferred to a different sector of the building. It was rainy and windy out so it was kind of scary, the elevators were moving so fast! The elevator buttons also didn't work properly. I pressed something like 6 when I was on the 2nd floor and the first stop ended up being at like 25. The technology not working properly is a dream sign I must remember!

    There was also a really pretty girl looking at me in another elevator ride. This time the elevator was like a futuristic metro bus. It was just me and her on there. She was smiling at me but I didn't want to return her gaze. I was looking down at her lower leg. Her gastrocnemius(calf muscle that protrudes from your leg to make the bulge of the calf) protruded from very low on her leg and was very large(not very important but struck me as unrealistic, can be a dream sign). We got to the next stop where we were both expecting someone very important to get on but it ended up being a sea of people that I felt like shouldn't be boarding, it should have been the important person and everyone boarding now was greedy.

    Dream 2:
    As I'm writing this, I remembered a fragment of my other dream. I was with a couple people that I went to high school with and a coworker. (Matthew[male], Izraa[female] and Matthieu[male]). At one point matthew and I were sitting on some toilets and Izraa was across the room, with a desk shielding our lower bodies from her sight. We were making stupid jokes about us being on the toilet and Izraa didnt really find them funny. She was smirking but I think she was just enjoying seeing us have so much fun making the stupid jokes. later, matthew was on the bed in the room. He had a big bag of kratom with him which contained a bunch of flower shaped humidity controlling things and lots of kratom. I asked him how long he had been taking kratom for and he said he did a while in high school but not much recently.

    Later we(all of us except Izraa) were outside playing around pushing eachother into the snow a block away from where I live. This man shoveling his driveway across the street told us to stop it. I asked him why, if it was private property or something. He didnt have a great answer. Matthieu and I split up and Matthew vanished.That is where my recall ends.

    Much better than last night when I remembered nothing! I hope to remember more tomorrow

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