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    in VR again

    by , 07-06-2020 at 02:59 PM (334 Views)
    Took melatonin and B-complex vitamins
    Fell asleep at 1:30AM.
    Woke up at 6:30AM, woke up, went pee, came back. Used SSILD
    Woke up at 8AM,
    Woke up at 9:30AM, with recall. Wrote down all the dreams I remembered

    What to work on: Writing down tags upon waking from alarm and using SSILD
    Dream 1(,slow breach and clear, Shaun watching me play game): I was in a slow-mo breach and clear sort of game and after clearing a few rooms it was done and I was interacting with this small screen which itself was a game. Shaun was watching me play this one and I felt bad because I thought I had been playing it for hours and he was just watching.

    Dream 2(matteo and I living in room, cant find underwear, teacher offering prize, principal robot): Matteo and I were living in a room together only a school trip or something. I needed to change but couldnt find where I put my underwear. Right before we decided to leave a girl(maybe erica) came down the stairwell in our place. We all went to a presentation and a teacher was trying to get our attentiont by offering a prize to the people who do. I wanted the prize. We all sat down and then he started talking and handed off the presentation to the principal. Shortly after the principle started, a robot that looked very much like her came in through the door on the side and started saying stuff. It appeared preplanned.

    Dream 3(Risk in backyard): I was playing risk with the boys in my backyard and at one point the board was gone and only the pieces remained on the grass so we decided fuck it the game is over.

    Dream 4(course w/ boxes and moving platforms, tons of hot tubs and closer wants to get us all in trouble): I was in this VR game where you go through like this dungeon and I had to kill some baddies and find the end. I found a crowbar and another item and was wielding those. There were things to crouch under or I had to lie under one at one point. I found the end. Then there was this course with a moving platform that went next to a lot of glowing boxes and I had to use my weapon to touch all the boxes and they would change color. I finished the course and then Phoebe wanted me to jump and hit the last ones so I tried that. Then when we were done on our course we visited Lorne's course where there was a ton of hot tubs lined up and he was putting the covers back on to close up. He put them on TERRIBLY so we started readjusting them and an employee of the palce came out saying he didnt like how we did it and he had already had to fix them once today. He wanted to get us all in trouble and so I told him it was only Lorne, we were just helping to fix it. He didnt believe us so I told him to look at the footage from the cameras and he said oh for sure he will.
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    1. monsa199a's Avatar
      B complex works great!..By the way, I grow lemongrass and the tea is tasty, also great for dream vividness!
      also mugwort great for both, vividness and dream recall!
      VR sounds like fun!
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    2. Mikey5555's Avatar
      I've got some lemongrass dried herb from a while ago, I might try that!

      How does mugwort tea taste?
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    3. monsa199a's Avatar
      Awesome Mikey! , mughwort is slightly bitter, but tolerable with a bit of honey... by the way, melatonin gummies really knock me down!
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