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    Here be dragons

    All this and Heaven too

    by , 11-20-2015 at 02:05 PM (310 Views)
    HAving bad back aches shot my recall to hell, but ELi helped me remember this one.

    I'm in a city close to the sea with a couple of friends. W're talking about something being dangerous in the water, right after I got out of it. We're not on a beach; we're on a street with large cement paving that goes all the way to the sea like the edge of a canal. (typing this I remember a dream that happen in a place very similar, but at night, with a layer of snow everywhere. I was the same sea canal and same open archway better fitted for giant that for men.) The's a flotting line in the water delimiting the secure zone, but it's barely 55cm aya from the border of the canal. It's very sunny, and have the kind of dry heat of summer. I point out to my fried the border, but she says "that could as well not be here, for the goid it makes." I can see here point, so we drop the subject. We start walking along the streets, passing stores. We stop in front of one shopwindow: it's displaying a live-sized anime doll, with a lot of accessories and options presented with it on shelves. It makes me feel slightly incorfortable, but my friend get in the store and I don't want to way outside so I follow. Inside there's all sort of things: right in front of the entry it's cat-sized fantasy animals, somes very anime inspired, other more realistic. There are alive and breathing, but they stay on the shelves without moving, eyes blank. deeper in the shop are the anime dolls, both male and female. Like the animals, they are alive, but soulless. All the way to the back, This dolls look exactly human, and I'm creeped out. My friend start elbowing each-other and making exited comments about a male doll; he looks like a boys band member, young, pretty in a inoffensive way, with a stubble to get him more rugged, but shortn carefully gelled hair and a open collar shirt. I find him bland and say so, but my friend just titter. We finally get out without buying anything, and we split up. My closest friend and me take a taxi to another part of town, it's looks very similar to the one we just left. As we pick up our shopping back front the car, I realize that our driver is the same doll model that the one we saw in the shop, but he doesn't look soulless; he's rather quick witted and funny. When he seem my open mouthed stare, he winks at me. I hurry up to catch up with my friend, wonderring what the hell is going on.
    We meet up with someone dressed in rags and flowing robe, he's here to reveal things to us. We have to jump in the water for that. My friend, the same that told me the water was dangerous, strips off to her bathing suit and jumps in behind the ragman. I jump with them, the water feels too warm, but it does smell like the sea. We swim a little a reach a wirlpool. We have to swim in, and it drops me in a house. I recognize it as my house, even if it doesn't look like the real deal at all. It's seems to be build of with wood and angles, with a lot of stairs and ladders going into small rooms. I climb up a ladder to go to my bedroom, but once I'm up there I realize that we reorganised the house and it's now my little sister's. I get back down and looks for my room, but the ragman reappear and I remember that I was supposed to follow him. We get out of the house and jump in another wirlpool. We're in a cave lits with colorful spots. They're a lot of thoses living dolls here, both animals and human, chatting together.

    The more I typed, the more I remembered, but that was a confused mess allright.

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