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    Here be dragons

    Shapeshiftings problems

    by , 03-04-2016 at 10:01 PM (341 Views)
    I'm in a group, a ragtag bunch of misfits; All of them can shapeshift into various animals. We're squatting a old cinema, but a shadowing, bad organisation attack. We flee on the roof, a wonderful creation of braided green glass, very instable but lovely. We climb down and jump in a car, driving away at top speed. We go through a snowy, very picturesque lanscape. I can't really enjoy it, as I'm the one driving. We reach a industrial dictrict and try to hide in a warehouse, but we're tracked down by a snake woman, tall and covered in golden, shimering scales. Only part of the group manage to flee, and we hole up in the back of a warehouse. A man enters, small in stature, wearing glasses, balding with a small, neat beard. He carries wih him a incredebly heavy atmosphere of dread and evil, and we cower, unable to stand up against him, until one of us, a shy bird shifter, suddnetly snaps and grab a piece of lumber, clubbing the man to get him to flee. He tells him, "do you think you can conquer us, bitch?!" while wailing on him. The evil man flees, vowing to return.
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    1. MeohMyoh's Avatar
      Um you have a few repeating dream themes dontya
      - rescuing girls, fighting monsters, beautiful/gross contrast ones and silver hair guy
      interesting how the shapeshifting is a sub theme of your fighting monsters one

      btw mr silver would appreciate the dialogue aint that the truth (maybe he cowrote it)
    2. Milly's Avatar
      I do, yeah dream-me has quite the hero-complex it seem! I'm like, batman, but more clumsy.
      The juxtaposition of constrast is something I love in my art as well. I spend way to much time drawing monsters and the like :p
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