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    Here be dragons

    Well, that didn't take long.

    by , 09-19-2015 at 12:44 PM (407 Views)
    Got startled awake by a phone at 9 am, only got 4 hours of sleep and mighty kitty still fast asleep, I followed his lead and got back to bed. Took me way to long to fall back asleep, thanks advertising compagny

    I was in a amusement park, and I remembered that it was owned by Disney*. I was walking around in the restaurant of a hotel with big windows that overlooked a harbor. The walls were white with a wooden trim and the floor carpeted. There was a handful of buffet tables, and someone had left their bikes against one of them. Being my usual clumsy self, I knocked both of them on the floor and had a hard time picked them up. I moved one of them to a railing, them tried to move the other one, but it was really heavy. Feed up by this, I decided to lift it up using telekinesis and placed it back against the table. I started to walk away, then I paused.

    Wait, I juste used TELEKINESIS. That's a dream, right?**
    I looked auround, surprised. I thought this would come back, but not that quick. I tentativly walked back in the lobby of the hotel and found myself in a corridor. I looked myself over and discovered that I've wandered around wearing a pink, plushy, very short bathrobe*** all this time. Not really having a clear objective for this dream (since I thought I would have time to come up with one...) I decided to keep walking around and maybe find something interesting.
    Upon finding a mirror, I tried to change my clothes. I opened the bathrobe and inveiled a multicolored, iridescent corset underneath. My arms were still kind of twisted in the bathrobe and the dream was going a little fuzzy, so I simply changed it into an short vest in the same color that the corset and slipped it back.
    Shortly after, I lost my vision, everything going black and white before fading to black.

    I feel like I'm waking up, and push myself back into the dream.
    I ended up in front of my real house, standing in front of my window. my lucidity was very, very low, and while I was aware that it was a dream, I was pretty much a passive spectator. I turned to my left and put my right hand behind my back**** to summon Eli, but nothing came and I started to feel a weird sens of dread. I looked back behind me and saw a figure huddled against the palm tree that's in my front law, looking even crying or in pain. I quickly walked up to it, calling Eli's name. I kneeled beside the figure, but it wasn't Eli. It was an male DC, with shapeshifting features. He got up and started to cornered me. David showed up, his hair shifting from ginger to white and them back, pushing the DC away and pulling me to his side. We all walked up to the street and the male DC started to go to another house. We followed him, even if I felt unhappy about it. He entered the house and I finnaly woke up.

    * That was of course a fake souvenir. And there wasn't any hidden mickey!
    ** a accurate reddition of my thought process, caps and all.
    *** I own the same one in real life. It's comfy. And I don't wear it in public, that would cause the fashion police to come after me.
    **** That was my go-to method to summon people while lucid and never failed me before (I had a better level of dream control though.) It's dead easy: put your hand behind you and expect someone slip their hand in it. I had someone putting me in an armlock once, but he was a jerk.

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