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    Fragment of Dreams

    1. Three Disjointed Fragments

      by , 07-08-2016 at 02:46 PM
      I traveled to L.A. with a couple of friends of mine. I don't recall much other than that we had visited a business plaza surrounded by eateries and clubs. We went to one club, but promptly left since it didn't actually appeal to us.

      It was nighttime and I was in an open air plaza once again. This time there was an assortment of cart vendors and people wandering around. I vaguely remember something about robots and orcs - or other such mythical creatures, but not much else beyond that.

      I was doing a delivery with an older lady to an elementary school. I realized after we had arrived thar it was my old school I attended. As we went inside, I tried hard to examine all the students and teachers for folks I knew. There was one little girl in particular that seemed familiar, but I moved on.

      I went to the cafeteria for an old reuinon, and saw a great deal of older adults. None of them I recognized, but many of them were successful looking. I felt envy, but soon woke up.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    2. Dream Fragment: Traveling

      by , 07-08-2016 at 05:46 AM
      I was grocery shopping with my roommate, looking for a specific cut of beef to use with a gravy and noodle recipe. For some reason, I was secretive about it, not wanting her to know. Later on though, a few of our friends happen to show up with us, and we discuss our plans for the day. I end up hitching a ride with one of my friends rather than riding with my roommate. As we loaded up the car, she told me to be careful with the eggs - and like a scene out of a sitcom, I quip back with, "I know what I'm doing," and roughly dropped them into the trunk. With a loud cracking noise, I look down and see the eggs broke all over my clean laundry. Feeling defeated, I just rush inside the car and we get going.

      For some reason, we decided to visit my grandparents house on our way back. It was a quaint neighborhood, completely different than what my grandparents actually live in. There were chain link fences holding back barking dogs, and the backyards of the modular houses were unkempt and messy with weeds and grass. Once we arrived, I was greeted by a man who told me I needed to take some sort of test on the computer. Before I could take it, however, someone I work with showed up and was taking it with me. Strangely enough, the modular home shifted to an old, dark Victorian styled house, and the test became a logic puzzle on a child who had died on the property. We needed to know how, and when the child died. If we failed, we would die. I knew the answer before the test started, but I wanted to show my work and set myself to solve it properly. I promptly woke up before the dream proceeded, though.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    3. Dream Fragment

      by , 07-07-2016 at 04:53 AM
      First Dream
      Not much to this one. I was with a group of people at a pool. We were throwing these strange foam objects into the water, but I can't remember why. I remember checking a Doppler radar on my phone and saw a storm approaching. It also picked up on sea monsters lurking beneath the pool. A person approached me to discuss something, though I woke up before they could.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    4. Fragment

      by , 02-14-2015 at 09:36 AM
      First Fragment
      I recall being with a group of people traveling along some area. There was, however, another person who joined us -- someone that I wasn't particularly fond of for one reason or another. All I really remember is going to great lengths to avoid them.
      dream fragment
    5. Afternoon Nap

      by , 05-09-2013 at 04:37 AM

      It's more of a fragment than anything else, but what I do remember is that it the overall setting had a golden ambient light (no doubt due to the afternoon sun shining through my blinds). I was traveling with a group of friends in a sparsely populated town, most being dream characters. I was standing out on a platform with them waiting for a tram of some sort when one of them remarked something along the lines of "We still have to wait for [some name I can't remember]". My memory jumps from this to meeting another person who asks me to assist them in helping them find someone. I agree and search a building where they were last seen, but before I find them I wake up.
      dream fragment , non-lucid
    6. A Race!

      by , 02-21-2013 at 08:02 PM
      All I can remember was this fragment. I was part of this race with a bunch of other people. We each got to pick the vehicles, which varied from normal cars to futuristic hover cars and even weird biological vehicles. Each car had two people in it. As the race began, my partner and I had picked a normal vehicle. But it became apparent to us that we weren't going to win the race and were near last place after the first few laps. We jumped into a hover vehicle that acted as an air glider so long as we didn't stall it out by flying upwards. With this vehicle, we found an exploit in the track that allowed us to go from the beginning portion straight to the finish line by flying upwards and landing just right on the track above us. This allowed us to catch up with the pair in first place and beat them.

      This was a neat little fragment I remember. I don't know if it was significant in the dream later on though. Oh well.
      dream fragment
    7. The Roller Coaster

      by , 04-29-2012 at 08:46 AM
      Need to start getting more involved in lucid dreaming. I faintly remember a fragment and becoming semi-lucid after holding my breath to see if I was dreaming. I was inside a large tower that had roller coaster tracks running around it. Although, it could have been a tram system for all I know. I was standing in some sort of pavilion alone when I had done a reality check realizing that it was a dream. However, the dream gradually faded to white and I lost all focus for some odd reason. Hopefully tonight I'll have an actual lucid dream for once though.
      dream fragment
    8. Asteriod

      by , 01-09-2012 at 06:16 AM
      This was more of a fragment than anything else, but I recall a few details. There was a community that I was living in, and started talking with a few of the neighbors. They were an old couple and reminisced about when they first moved to this asteroid colony that we resided on. The said that before some overpass they built, there was an underground road populated with businesses that led to the residential sector. However, once that overpass was built, the businesses closed up and became it became a black market. After that story, I decided to go investigate myself, but I forgot what I found. The place was built in what looked like an abandoned mineshaft that went far down. But that's where my recall ends.

      In another dream I remember making breakfast. I was cooking bacon, eggs, and pancakes. I remember that I burnt the bacon, and undercooked both the eggs and pancakes and was met with extreme disappointment from myself and my family.

      I'm certainly enjoying my dreams more than anything else. I think dreams like these are always a nice highlight of the night even if they are only fragments. Happy Dreaming!

      Updated 01-09-2012 at 06:32 AM by 33747 (Remembered stuff. Woo~~!)

      dream fragment
    9. Few Fragments

      by , 12-11-2011 at 07:50 AM
      Had a few difficulties remembering my dreams this morning. A couple stuck out though and I have a feeling they are connected in some way.

      Super Market

      I was in a spacious super market. I don't know why I was there, but I was wandering around window shopping. A few dream characters were there that I had some random connection with, but overall there was little interactions between me and them. The colors were warm and the lights positioned so that the shadows cast in the furniture section were dramatic. It had a cozy feeling to it strangely enough and I continued to wander around aimlessly.

      Strange City

      This dream city, as usual, wasn't Tucson. It looked like a typical neighborhood, except the sky was off. There was an ambient blue color settled around everything, much like a morning when the sun hasn't peaked over the horizon yet but just enough to light the sky up. The home I was in front of had a few dream characters around it talking about something. Next thing I know, I go into the house and find a staircase leading to a basement. Rather than the basement being a typical room, it was an entirely new world. Oddly enough, when I looked around, everything retained it's blue ambiance, but instead of a sky, there was a concrete ceiling higher up than what it should be. At first, I had to maneuver around piles of mindless junk in order to continue walking on a path. As I kept walking, the "wildlife" of this new world popped up. Just like in Skyrim, there were a bunch of giant crabs near a large pool of water that I noticed. But behind that pool of water lied an entire ocean and cliffs lining it's coast. The junk gradually was replaced with buildings as I kept walking along this now twisting path that outlined the edge of the cliffs. These buildings were curvy but made of stone. Though, the dream just kinda faded from there.

      I think length and detail are the big sticklers right now and I need to keep pushing forward. Tonight will be better no doubt!
      dream fragment
    10. Math Class

      by , 12-09-2011 at 06:12 AM
      New Friends
      There isn't much that I remember about this dream. All I remember is that I was in a cafeteria talking with some people and becoming friends with some of the dream characters. Though, I have no idea what we were talking about in the first place. The scene changed and I found myself with my new "friends" in math class looking over a test and being grouped up together. Everything else after that is a little foggy.

      It may just be a little speed bump, but nonetheless I feel confident that tonight will be different. A single remembered fragment is better than no recollection at all. So tonight I think I'll try concentrating a bit more on dream recall in general versus actually lucid dreaming.
      dream fragment
    11. Dream Fragments

      by , 12-08-2011 at 06:49 AM
      Haunted Complex
      It began with me looking upon a city at night while being driven somewhere in a car by some random person. The highway I was on was illuminated with an orange glow due to the lights. However, the scene quickly changed to a paved area with sloped walls to the left and right sides. It was now broad daylight and the pathway resembled a dry wash. I soon found a random group of dream characters following me as we had apparently stumbled across an old haunted town. As we explored the city, we soon came across a building that had many complex chambers below. We had learned this through some holographic device that showed us the layout of the underground complex. As we explored them, we soon found them to be haunted with many ghostly apparitions and reanimated skeletons that wandered the hallway. The overall feel of it was similar to an old horror movie about an abandoned Victorian home being haunted. However, the dream became more like a video game in that when I tried leaving one of the rooms, a pseudo-loading screen came up and caused the dream to become unstable.

      Zombie City Fragment
      As soon as that loading screen disappeared, I found myself in a now flooded wash, exploring the area by myself. It wasn't until a few steps that I soon found demon-esque zombies popping out of the water and attempting to attack me. But in a flash, two people began to fight right in front of me. Strangely, it's as if a Mortal Kombat round broke out in front of me, as the fighters tried using the zombies to their advantage. Though, it ended as quick as it started because I started running up this hill where this unfinished tower was being built for some rich person. Thanks to implanted memories, I had a déjà vu moment where I recalled already running through this spot. As I looked upon a pile of materials, there stood the owner in zombie form due to him being attacked and pushed off the tower by his zombiefied construction workers. So I was quick to leave the location and the dream fades from there.

      Broken Submarine Fragment
      Interestingly, I found myself on a broken ship with a few of my waking life friends. It was cold and raining, and the engines mysteriously stopped as we seemed stranded out in the middle of the ocean. As I opened up the engine hatch, I found that they were empty. In order to fix this problem, I decided to stuff old papers of my already done homework into there and light it on fire to use it as fuel. As I was stuffing my papers in there, the dream ended.

      Two Diplomats
      This dream wasn't as surreal as the last. A fancy king of a modernized kingdom held a meeting at his palace. I was just a visitor to watch how things unfolded and was accompanied by an old dream character. He was granted access to areas that no other person could go. As we sat in an opened patio, he gave me a breakdown about two diplomats that were showing up. Both were from real countries from what I recall. The two nations opposed each other and wanted to gain the kings favor as soon as possible so they decided to send over two diplomats. I remember that the first diplomat that showed up was a heavyset but short man with a jolly nature. He cracked jokes and contrasted the other diplomat who was tall and had a grim, serious face on. I was told to go help them out by the old man, and had decided to follow the serious diplomat. However, I got lost after going through multiple hallways and instead was in a room with one of the kings advisers. I can't quite remember what she looked like, but I know that ethics and morality certainly weren't an issue for her as she kept trying to find out a way to play having enslaved labor as good. Before she could explain though, I woke up.

      Afternoon Nap
      It was a rather short dream involving playing with my bass at jazz band. My little brother IRL was messing around with some toy that sang and I remember one of the dream characters screaming out in frustration for it to stop. Oddly enough, I stayed in the dream a little longer despite it looping in the background.

      I think I can say the number of dreams I remember has improved, it's just a matter of improving the length of my dreams. One thing that I notice is that I seem to remember little pertaining to real life in my dreams. It's almost as if I have this "dual" life in my dreams as my mind seems to accept everything that is happening as reality. The overall structure of my dreams seem realistic too. Sure, maybe I might fight zombies, but they are space zombies flying on cows. I dunno, like I said, dream recall is something I still need to work on.
      dream fragment
    12. Applying for a Job

      by , 12-05-2011 at 03:10 PM
      This one was a strange dream. I was around two people, some Asian girl, and some Caucasian looking one. In the dream, I was friends with the two and was applying for a job at a store with them. The store manager was there handling all applications and pulled the Asian girl away to take some test I think. It's all just a jumbled up memory, as I also remember there being a giant death-crusher machine off to the side of the store, a few random mountain ranges that lined the aisles, and even a theater inside of the place. Overall though, I feel my dream recall getting better, so I must be doing something right.
      dream fragment
    13. Fragments

      by , 12-04-2011 at 08:26 AM
      Couldn't remember anything at all last night except something pertaining to lightning and a hitman in some city. Though, I also remember a hotel I stayed at but that's it. Perhaps I'll have better luck tonight. :/
      dream fragment
    14. Ghosts and Games

      by , 12-03-2011 at 07:56 AM
      Trying to get back into lucid dreaming my little "hiatus". Had a few dreams, but I can only remember them as fragments and can't remember the order they went in.

      Ghosts and Zombies

      This fragment jumps around quite a bit. It starts off at a random house which had three doors and a stairway. Two of the doors were opposite of each other forming a hallway and another closest to the door on the right if you were facing the wall. Behind me was the stairway that led into a basement. The scene kept changing between an old Civ map view and the view of the hallway. Soon though, I had somehow managed to attract two pesky ghosts that caused me a trouble which had somehow caused zombies to pop up out of nowhere. These zombies were not the typical brain eating zombies we know of, they literally were zombies in that they stood there brain dead. However, their presence was unsettling so I booked it and attempted to distract the ghosts as to make sure they wouldn't follow me. The dream fades from there.

      Family Dinner

      In this fragment, I recall heading to a family dinner at what appeared to be a modern restaurant with orange lighting and an overall dark atmosphere. However, we only stayed there for a short period of time because one of my aunts had gotten drunk off some wine and got us all kicked out. I caught a bus across town and stared out the window and noticed a grew overcast and some smokestacks from factories off in the distance lit by the city yellowish-orange glow of the city. Strangely, I thought they were always there as if it was an implanted memory. However, this is as far as I remember about this particular fragment.

      Spaceship and University

      These two were really short and I remember only a few parts to them. In the spaceship one, there was some dangerous leak which compromised the entire ship requiring either a speedy fix or immediate evacuation. The ship from what I can remember had a large number of crew, though I don't know what the exact "mission", if any at all, this ship was on. All I can remember is sliding down a couple of ladders with a few random people as areas and doors began to seal off. The next dream took place at some random university. I was walking around when I soon grabbed a bus and rode across the outskirts of it near some library. As I was looking out the window, I saw some person standing at the door underneath some interesting architecture and metalwork when a thought shot across my mind about wishing I was in a lucid dream so I could mess around with the building design. Though, I soon found myself worrying about getting to some location at a specific time and I quickly forgot about it and the dream faded.

      Further Thoughts

      My recall is decent overall. Not the best, as I can't remember any dialogue, but better than most nights. Hopefully I'll remain inspired for the rest of the coming years.
      dream fragment
    15. Afternoon Nap

      by , 09-23-2011 at 07:27 AM
      Took a quick nap at 4pm and had a quick dream, though I only remember a few fragments. The first thing I remember was that I was in a classroom of sorts listening to my iPod and doing math homework. I then went home in what appeared to have been a seamless transition between the desk I was working at an the floor of my room. I remember having my blinds opened and hearing a storm going on outside. From there, bolts of lighting illuminated my dark room. The last thing I remember however tripped me out. I was still listening to my iPod when my entire room lite up more than usual and stayed that way for quite some time. In my mind, it signified that there was lightning close by and was about to strike my house. Then out of nowhere, I lost control of my body and a huge buzzing went through my head as I soon realized that I was struck too. My sight flashed in and out, each time showing a different room. One was the classroom I was in earlier, another was this bunker in this city, and the last was my room from the perspective of my bed. It ended with me fading back into my room only to find it on fire and still unable to move. At that time I shifted from thinking I was dreaming, to actually believing I was dead as my vision had begun fading into this white space. In a quick jolt however, I woke myself up and felt disorientated for a few minutes as I was trying to gather my wits on what exactly happened.

      I have to say, this was probably my most vivid dream for some time now, despite it being just a fragment near the end.
      Well, happy lucid dreaming everyone!
      non-lucid , dream fragment
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