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    Non-Lucid Dreams

    1. Stormy Dream

      by , 07-11-2016 at 05:56 AM
      I can't quite remember where the dream starts, other than that I was leaving work and heading back home. My roommate was in the car with me as we navigated through winding roads and across hills. We happened to drive up a hill to meet with my parents. They had just purchased a house in a close-knit neighborhood surrounded by pueblo houses. The neighbors were out and about, talking with each other when I looked at the base of the mountain and saw black billowing clouds contrasting against the sunset. One of the neighbors walked up to me and explained that this was going to be the biggest storm yet and everyone was preparing for it.

      Nighttime was approaching, and the clouds stopped moving towards us and settled down into base of the mountain. I rushed with my roommate back into the main town, where the close alleyways didn't permit us to drive far. We went into a rundown bar to try to hide from the coming storm, but it was already packed, and we wanted a place to ourselves - since most popular hiding spots were charging a fee. As we traveled down some stairs outside, we found an old abandoned cleaning closet that also housed some piping. Nobody was in there, so that's where we hid, and right when the storm approached too.

      Before I could see any action, however, I immediately woke up.
    2. Three Disjointed Fragments

      by , 07-08-2016 at 02:46 PM
      I traveled to L.A. with a couple of friends of mine. I don't recall much other than that we had visited a business plaza surrounded by eateries and clubs. We went to one club, but promptly left since it didn't actually appeal to us.

      It was nighttime and I was in an open air plaza once again. This time there was an assortment of cart vendors and people wandering around. I vaguely remember something about robots and orcs - or other such mythical creatures, but not much else beyond that.

      I was doing a delivery with an older lady to an elementary school. I realized after we had arrived thar it was my old school I attended. As we went inside, I tried hard to examine all the students and teachers for folks I knew. There was one little girl in particular that seemed familiar, but I moved on.

      I went to the cafeteria for an old reuinon, and saw a great deal of older adults. None of them I recognized, but many of them were successful looking. I felt envy, but soon woke up.
      dream fragment , non-lucid
    3. Dream Fragment: Traveling

      by , 07-08-2016 at 05:46 AM
      I was grocery shopping with my roommate, looking for a specific cut of beef to use with a gravy and noodle recipe. For some reason, I was secretive about it, not wanting her to know. Later on though, a few of our friends happen to show up with us, and we discuss our plans for the day. I end up hitching a ride with one of my friends rather than riding with my roommate. As we loaded up the car, she told me to be careful with the eggs - and like a scene out of a sitcom, I quip back with, "I know what I'm doing," and roughly dropped them into the trunk. With a loud cracking noise, I look down and see the eggs broke all over my clean laundry. Feeling defeated, I just rush inside the car and we get going.

      For some reason, we decided to visit my grandparents house on our way back. It was a quaint neighborhood, completely different than what my grandparents actually live in. There were chain link fences holding back barking dogs, and the backyards of the modular houses were unkempt and messy with weeds and grass. Once we arrived, I was greeted by a man who told me I needed to take some sort of test on the computer. Before I could take it, however, someone I work with showed up and was taking it with me. Strangely enough, the modular home shifted to an old, dark Victorian styled house, and the test became a logic puzzle on a child who had died on the property. We needed to know how, and when the child died. If we failed, we would die. I knew the answer before the test started, but I wanted to show my work and set myself to solve it properly. I promptly woke up before the dream proceeded, though.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    4. Dream Fragment

      by , 07-07-2016 at 04:53 AM
      First Dream
      Not much to this one. I was with a group of people at a pool. We were throwing these strange foam objects into the water, but I can't remember why. I remember checking a Doppler radar on my phone and saw a storm approaching. It also picked up on sea monsters lurking beneath the pool. A person approached me to discuss something, though I woke up before they could.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    5. Afternoon Nap

      by , 05-09-2013 at 04:37 AM

      It's more of a fragment than anything else, but what I do remember is that it the overall setting had a golden ambient light (no doubt due to the afternoon sun shining through my blinds). I was traveling with a group of friends in a sparsely populated town, most being dream characters. I was standing out on a platform with them waiting for a tram of some sort when one of them remarked something along the lines of "We still have to wait for [some name I can't remember]". My memory jumps from this to meeting another person who asks me to assist them in helping them find someone. I agree and search a building where they were last seen, but before I find them I wake up.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    6. Green Pastures and Crypt Fun Time

      by , 12-15-2011 at 03:07 PM
      This was one giant amalgamation of a couple dreams that took place in some area.

      City and Grasslands
      There was plenty of green grass and had many cliffs with waterfalls. It seemed to me like a Garden of Eden in a sense because of it lushness. There was a city that I explored too. It was like a cross between an old tribal village with the use of sticks for bridges and supports, and a scrapyard town since the buildings used scrap metal to support them. I don't remember what my purpose was over there, all I know is that I was exploring it

      Above Ground Crypts
      Even though it was the same dream, the dream plot changed dramatically before returning to me just wandering. I found these tombs that were built above ground and began exploring them. As I was doing so, a few random dream characters came out of nowhere and joined me in my exploration. The viewing angle changed too since it was more in 3rd person perspective rather than 1st. I somehow knew, that at the right moment the tombs would burst open with the deceased and attack us all. But before that happened, it changed from exploring the tombs, to now trying to create a game. The view then shifted to an isometric perspective. Oddly enough, the entire place was now destructible, and a bunch of explosions happened destroying the crypts. After that happened, everything resorted back to it's original state and a couple of dream characters joined me as I explored the area again. I think our last decision was to head back to the city, but the dream changed scenes.

      Breaking the Rules
      I was in a car with a random woman driving me around. As she was nearing a street, she said she needed to go to some salon. The problem was, was that she would have to make a time consuming U-turn since it was a one-way street heading against the direction we were traveling in. So to solve this problem, she decided to travel against traffic to save time. As she was doing so, I remember freaking out over it since we came a few times to hitting a couple cars head on. She, on the other hand, was as calm as can be and said she'd done it many times before. She got to the salon and the dream ended

      Dream recall is pretty good. Like I said, I just need to work more on reality checking. Happy dreaming!
    7. A Few Dreams

      by , 12-11-2011 at 09:12 PM
      These few dreams were pretty interesting. I feel like my recall is starting to maintain consistency.

      Space Battle
      This was the shortest one. It started with only a few ships exploring a red nebula and ended up with them firing at each other. The details of the ships are hard to remember, but all I know is that it was short.

      Space Colony
      I think this one might be connected with and with a future dream in some way. It starts off as a mutual program set up between the United States, England, the USSR, and China to create a space colony on some planet. They send only a few people to test how the colony would work out in an effort to determine whether or not it will be a profitable venture. At this point, I'm not sure if I'm a person, or a ghost watching things unfold. Nevertheless, as things continued, the colonists began to create factions against each other. When accidents would occur, people would point the finger at others as a result of different political philosophies being forced in one area. It got to the point where the people from the US suspected the Chinese and USSR were spies sent to steal American technology. In all actuality though, I'm surprised I even dreamed about this in the first place since it was so coherent. Sadly, I don't know how it all ended.

      Ancient Caverns
      The only thing that stuck out in this one, was the setting in some cavern. There were two sides, in between there was a deep chasm that looked as though it went on forever. I remember jumping across it and landing on some sort of stone floor with designs carved into it. Though, I don't remember how I got there, or what I was supposed to be doing.

      English Class
      I was in my English class, except, the class was in a place that looked like my room. There were tables instead of desks that we sat at and the bell had yet to ring. A few of my classmates walked in and we all began chatting with the teacher. As we kept talking, he decided to scrap the journal prompt in favor for a new one for no reason. He then told me he couldn't get the idea out and needed help. So as I threw out some thoughts about my first dream as he began writing them on the whiteboard behind me. As I checked the time though, I noticed it was almost time to get out. Nevertheless, the teacher told us that we had enough time to write it out. He then moved to another whiteboard and drew a few different groups that we would center our story around. The prompt had us write a story on what it would be like to live in a space colony involving a certain political system. The first group was called the "T" group. Two people were assigned to it meaning they could write about whatever they felt like. Then there was the "Corrupt Authoritarian" group, which I and a few others were assigned to where we had to write about life under corrupt authoritarian rule. The last group was naturally the "Democracy" group that everyone else was assigned to.

      The Story
      For the sake of organization, I've split it into two sections even though they are apart of the same dream. So as I was writing in my journal, strange things began to happen. For one, I could read the texts, but made the dream unstable I think. Because after I read what wrote, the scene began to change around me as if it was teleporting me into the story. But when I wrote a couple lines I didn't like and erased them, I was teleported back into the pseudo-classroom. The first paragraph was about a man who woke up, lived, and felt, the same things everyday. It talked about the repetition in his life and lack of economic opportunities that caused him to be apathetic towards everything around him. The second and third paragraph talked about how he was making his way out of his house, however, at that time I was still in the classroom and I checked the time once again. It was dangerously close to ringing. What's frustrating is that the clock maintained it's consistency. Though, if I studied it longer, I'm sure I would have found something off.

      Nevertheless, I continued to write, but soon the dream engulfed me into the story. As the man was leaving his bland block-housing, another person, a women, left with him at the same time. They didn't acknowledge each other and waited for a while for some guards. Since it was about authoritarianism, the guards had to escort them back and forth as to make sure they run or something. I remember the guards were dressed in blue and wore helmets with black visors. The two guards walked side-by-side with the two people and began to head downhill with them. The got to a clearing were some fight was occurring between guards and a local rebel group. There was also a special agent among the guards, but it ended badly for her. She was grabbed and tossed off a long cliff where her entire body scrapped across the coarse rocks. But in a twist, she was actually an android, and she hobbled to some government base to get fixed up. And that's where the dream ends.

      Dream Journal
      *Phew!* Almost done. This one was real short. I was sitting some place at school during lunch when a friend of mine approached me and saw that I was writing in a journal. She asked what I was doing, and I told her I was recalling this dream that had occurred that previous night. As I looked and wrote in the journal, I remember having two columns, but I don't remember what was in them. I had some weird conversation with my friend, but everything just kinda fades from there.

      I think I'd have to say these dreams have been the most convoluted connect dreams I've had this year. Still though, I think it's good that lucid dreaming is starting to leech into my dreams. So it's really just a matter of doing those reality checks and hammering down awareness and recall. It's pretty interesting the creative stories our brains can come up with when we dream. Happy dreaming!
    8. Afternoon Nap

      by , 09-23-2011 at 07:27 AM
      Took a quick nap at 4pm and had a quick dream, though I only remember a few fragments. The first thing I remember was that I was in a classroom of sorts listening to my iPod and doing math homework. I then went home in what appeared to have been a seamless transition between the desk I was working at an the floor of my room. I remember having my blinds opened and hearing a storm going on outside. From there, bolts of lighting illuminated my dark room. The last thing I remember however tripped me out. I was still listening to my iPod when my entire room lite up more than usual and stayed that way for quite some time. In my mind, it signified that there was lightning close by and was about to strike my house. Then out of nowhere, I lost control of my body and a huge buzzing went through my head as I soon realized that I was struck too. My sight flashed in and out, each time showing a different room. One was the classroom I was in earlier, another was this bunker in this city, and the last was my room from the perspective of my bed. It ended with me fading back into my room only to find it on fire and still unable to move. At that time I shifted from thinking I was dreaming, to actually believing I was dead as my vision had begun fading into this white space. In a quick jolt however, I woke myself up and felt disorientated for a few minutes as I was trying to gather my wits on what exactly happened.

      I have to say, this was probably my most vivid dream for some time now, despite it being just a fragment near the end.
      Well, happy lucid dreaming everyone!
      dream fragment , non-lucid
    9. Fragment

      by , 09-12-2011 at 03:04 PM
      I know that the setting was in an underground cave. All that I can remember is that there were a few lights strewn across some underground highway and that there were these portables off to the side. I was near a portable when I pulled out a book describing how to have a lucid dream and which technique worked best for the author of the book. At the top of the text on both pages, drawings of animals and plants filled the space. Though, I doubt they had any real significance.

      Well, it's time to start focusing on dreams once again.
    10. July 22 to July 23

      by , 07-24-2011 at 07:35 PM
      Had trouble sleeping thanks to insomnia. Can't remember anything dream related. :/
    11. More Fragments

      by , 07-22-2011 at 04:20 AM
      I have a hard time remembering this one. It had something to do with a group. I think I saw a robot, and an old man. They told me something but I can't remember. There was also something involving a modern city of some sorts.

      I think at this point I need to figure out how to increase my recall and vividness of my dreams despite me not being lucid. P:
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    12. Dream Fragments

      by , 07-21-2011 at 06:53 AM
      First dream was in some parking lot at night. I remember there was an overcast as the clouds were lighted up by the orange glow of the city.

      Second dream stuck out more. It was in a smaller town located in the desert. A god and goddess had come down and inspected the town. They both represented the human emotions of depression and euphoria. The goddess of depression had black hair and a dark blue dress. She also gave off a blueish glow giving the impression that her pale skin was a faint blue too. The god of euphoria dressed in a bright yellow, and a bright green. He gave off no glow and I think his hair was a light brown. So after they inspected the town, the split it up evenly and created this aura making the people either perpetually depressed, or in a state of euphoria. The people had no say in it and soon other gods and goddess wanted in on it too. Last I remember, the "main" god came down and told all the other gods and goddess to stop.

      My last dream took place in a densely populated city at night. I was making my way over to a restaurant, but then I woke up.

      I think it's strange the things my brain can come up with. But hey, I'm not complaining.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    13. Coastal City

      by , 07-20-2011 at 03:02 AM
      It's more of a fragment than anything else sadly. It was a fairly old city that was built on a tropical cliff. There was a beach at the bottom and an island that you could see off the coast.

      It was like that, but with fewer houses and greener vegetation.

      Other than that, nothing really sticks out. I do remember trying to fly to the island on a helicopter though.
      Meh, it is what it is.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    14. School and the Amusement Park

      by , 07-18-2011 at 10:04 PM
      The dream start with my aunt and uncle dropping me off at my high school after coming back from some resort. It looks nothing like it in real life, but I think nothing of it. I was handed my schedule and they had an open house sort of thing where we could visit the teachers before school officially started. The words on the paper seemed organized, but looked like a bunch of blobs, yet I somehow was able to read it. I went to my first class where two teachers stood greeting everyone. They explained that my first and second classes were in the same classroom because of budget cuts. After I talked with them, I noticed I was wearing something, though I can't remember what it was. It was like a body suit or something. I politely asked if I could go back home to change to which they nodded. However, I realized that I had a bag of clothes with me and told them that I could change right here. Everything gets foggy after this, but I remember going to another class that had a teacher who was a comedian.

      After he finished making jokes, the dream scene then changes to me being in an amusement park with some family. Now that I think back, I have no clue who those people were. The sun was setting emitting a dark, blueish ambient light. The place was packed with people and I recall having to push and shove my way through. There was this area that had a road leading to it that was being roped off. I also noticed some weird game that had you shoot a bowling ball into a target, but the target was at the most crowed intersection so if you shot while someone was walking by, you'd end up hitting them in the head. It even advertised that if you won, you'd win a bottle of liqueur. For once in that entire dream, that made no sense to me. A women passing by it staggered backwards as she was almost hit in the face by it before walking off like nothing happened. My attention was soon directed towards some parade they were having. I can't actually remember anything about it other than it was a small one. After it was done I met up with my relatives and we started on our way to leave. On our way, we saw a blind man's seeing eye dog escape from his leash and dart off. A bunch of people, my imaginary father and mother included, ran after it. I somehow ended up ahead of the dog and tackled it to the ground. We forgot all about the blind man and the dream scene changed to us being in a house. I had this strange box that had deadly diseases and cures for them in a powdered from. I got some of a black powder on me giving me blisters, but when I put a blue powder on it, they disappeared. The dream ended with my father trying to fix a power socked with a paperclip.

      This was an interesting dream to say the least. I guess I wasn't going through a dry-spell. I look forward to finally having my first lucid dream.
      non-lucid , memorable
    15. Dry Spell

      by , 07-17-2011 at 06:10 PM
      Can't remember a single thing. Guess I'm going through another dry spell. :/
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