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    Stormy Dream

    by , 07-11-2016 at 05:56 AM (313 Views)
    I can't quite remember where the dream starts, other than that I was leaving work and heading back home. My roommate was in the car with me as we navigated through winding roads and across hills. We happened to drive up a hill to meet with my parents. They had just purchased a house in a close-knit neighborhood surrounded by pueblo houses. The neighbors were out and about, talking with each other when I looked at the base of the mountain and saw black billowing clouds contrasting against the sunset. One of the neighbors walked up to me and explained that this was going to be the biggest storm yet and everyone was preparing for it.

    Nighttime was approaching, and the clouds stopped moving towards us and settled down into base of the mountain. I rushed with my roommate back into the main town, where the close alleyways didn't permit us to drive far. We went into a rundown bar to try to hide from the coming storm, but it was already packed, and we wanted a place to ourselves - since most popular hiding spots were charging a fee. As we traveled down some stairs outside, we found an old abandoned cleaning closet that also housed some piping. Nobody was in there, so that's where we hid, and right when the storm approached too.

    Before I could see any action, however, I immediately woke up.

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